Hello TasteMakers!

Last month of 2018, but K pop land is not going easy on us with the December comeback line up along with the year end ceremonies.

Here are you K pop flavored early Christmas gifts.

December 1 - B.A.P Daehyun

BAP’s Daehyun made his solo debut with “Baby” to the delight of all the babies all over the world.

December 1 - Minzy

Minzy surprised her fans with an all English release, and a stunning music video and performance.

December 3 - GOT7

GOT7 gifted fans with a new edition of their third album, titled “‘Present : YOU’ &ME,” with the lead song “Miracle”.

December 5 - Onew

After Key, SHINee’s Onew is making his official solo debut with a mini album “VOICE”.

The teaser for the title song “Blue” is already giving us shivers.

December 6 - UP10TION

With “Laberinto” as their comeback album and “Blue Rose” as their title song, UP10TION are getting ready to close up their busy year in style.

December 6 - LABOUM

LABOUM surprised everyone with their freaky comeback concept, featuring their label mate Jun of U-KISS. “Turn it on” is set to be released along with the mini album on December 6.

December 10 - DAY6

Ahead of their Europe tour, DAY6 are having a retro comeback with “Days gone by” from their upcoming album “Remember Us: Youth Part 2”.

December 11 - BTOB’s ChangSub

BTOB’s Changsub will be making his official debut with his solo mini album “Mark”!

It will include five new songs in total. The talented lead vocalist of BTOB took part in writing the lyrics for all the tracks, as well as co-composed three of the songs.


December 11 - Gaho

After his label mate Jung Jinwoo comeback, Planetarium records Gaho is next with his 1st mini album 'Preparation For a Journey'. From the medley highlights alone we are already hypnotized by his voice.

December 12 - TWICE

TWICE will wrap their busy year with a  3rd special album is called 'The Year of 'Yes'', which is said to be a special gift for the fans.

Stay tuned for the release on December 12.


December 13 - EXO

EXO will be making another comeback this year with repackage album Love Shot.

There will be a total of 15 tracks on the album, and it's set to be released on December 13.


December 26 - TVXQ

KPOP legend TVXQ are having a comeback to celebrate their 15th debut anniversary.

The special album “New Chapter #2: The Truth of Love” and will include a total of seven tracks including title track “Truth.” We are thrilled to see what they have in store!


December 31 –iKON

iKON will complete their “New Kids” series with a repackaged album, which will be released on December 31.