Hey, TasteMakers!

Whether you are recovering from festivities and delicious food that comes with Thanksgiving or simply enjoying yet another late fall weekend, we were wondering how is your Sunday going on so far? Are you making the most of your day off or already caught up in preparations for a new week? In anyways we are back highlighting a great band that has a playlist of uplifting songs to OST the upcoming week.

The Score is an American indie-pop, rock-pop band based in Los Angeles, formed by Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover.


The two started their journey in New York and were writing songs for others at first. Until they finally decided to reach their audience by performing as an actual band. And we believe that the decision was made right on time as soon they gained their first recognition when British supermarket chain Asda used their track ‘Oh My Love’ in their major advertising campaign back in 2015.

No wonder that this uplifting tune helped The Score rise in the public eyes and became the most detected song from an advertisement by the Shazam.

This MV stands out beautifully out of many others that can be found on Youtube due to the fact that it contains video shots of firefighters on the duty. Isn’t it a beautiful tribute that the band made to raise awareness of real-life heroes and legends?

One of the band’s latest release Stronger, according to their official Twitter, signifies a new era for the band.

Well, we can only say that we absolutely love their new era and hope you will too. Watch their MV which was released on October 4 and already reached over 15 million views on YouTube and get inspired to meet the challenges that the new week has prepared for you stronger than ever.