Dear TasteMakers!

How was your first week into October?

From our side, we were looking for new music, new genre, and we stumbled onto a group that has everything to get us out of the usual routine: Years & Years.


Years & Years is a British synth-pop band, which music has been described as electropop, mixing R&B and 1990s house elements. Just from the list of their influences, you can see that it is a band from a different Era: The band's influences include Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, The Beatles, Timbaland, Aaliyah, Scritti Politti and so on.

And to get a taste of their peculiar style, we choose the three songs that perfectly depicts the band’s color:

2014 - “Take Shelter”

2016 - “Desire”

2018 - “Sanctify”

Don’t wait years before Making Years & Years in your city!