Hello TasteMakers!

Do you also have these days, when you are craving new music, and new artists!

Here in MyMusicTaste one of our favorite things to do is discovering new artists and music.

And this week, we were lucky enough to stumble unto PLT, Or PLANETARIUM RECORDS!


PLT is an R&B/Hip-Hop crew under Planetarium record consisting of 5 soloists under the same company.

They released their first song as a crew on January 2, 2018.

Now, meet the multi talented members of PLT


At the top of his 22 years of age, he is a remarkable vocalist, songwriter and composer. Want to know how good he is, check his solo!


Moti’s flow, makes him stand out from the sea of new rappers on shows like Show me the money!

Not believing us? Here is a sample of his talent.

Jung Jinwoo

Or P.ODD (for perfectly odd), was the first one to debut after his participation in KPOP Star 3 and 5.

His honey like voice is what you need in your playlist.


Gaho is the first one out of the five to have produced a song for someone outside of PLT, and it was Lee Jong Suk who sang it for the drama “While You were sleeping”.

But Gaho’s voice doesn’t loose a bit to his producing skills, get your fix of talent with this song!


With this guy, we can’t decide if he is a skillful rapper, or a soulful singer as he excels in both!

To see the extent of his talent, check “Manitto” the song he produced from A to Z.

For more spontaneous eargasms, check their Soundcloud.

So, now how about making them?