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You already know what to expect! It's time to meet our Artist of the Week! 🎤🎵

This time, we're back with A$AP Rocky, a natural-born rapper who's ready to take on any hip-hop scene! With his ongoing passion and talent for music, this rapper has already gained much popularity and fandom around the world.

Without further ado, let's pass the microphone to A$AP Rocky as he gets ready to visit his fans ASAP with his upcoming album (yes, the pun was intentional 😉). 


For those who may not be familiar with this hip-hop artist, A$AP Rocky is the member of the Harlem-based crew A$AP Mob formed in 2006.

Born in Harlem, New York, this rapper spent a rough childhood, centered around drugs and loss of family members. While these experiences may have caused Rocky to spend an unstable childhood, they eventually became the roots to his musical inspiration and allowed him to mature fully as a recognized musician.

His debut studio album  Long.Live. A$AP (2013) was a mega hit, as the album quickly rose to number one on the Billboard 200.

What was more amazing about this album was that A$AP Rocky himself, under the pseudonym Lord Flacko, participated as one of the producers along with Skrillex, Danger Mouse, and many other talented musicians.

No wonder the album received so much positive feedback and spotlight after its release! 

Below is the lyrics of the hook from "Long.Live.A$AP", the track with the same title as his album. 👇🏽

giphy (7).gif

Long.Live.A$AP (2013)

"Who said you can’t live forever lied
Of course, I’m living forever I’ll
Forever, I’ll live long
You can’t ever deny
My force, I’m living forever I’ll
Forever, I’ll LIVE"

Just days ago, A$AP Rocky released a track on SoundCloud with a caption that read "TESTING coming soon." While the exact meaning of his "TESTING" was not clarified, his fans assumed that the song will either be the pre-release version of the tracks in his third album or the actual title of his upcoming work. Whichever it may be, we're very excited to hear that his new album is about to be released soon!

For those of you who have not heard it yet, check it out below! ⬇️👇

Here's a full list of his tracks on SoundCloud if you want to listen to more of his songs!

The return news of this long-awaited rapper surely came as a delightful news to his fans!

Currently, A$AP Rocky has extended his influence beyond music, as he led to establish the A$AP Foundation. This foundation, formed in honor of his crew mate A$AP Yams who passed away in 2015, continues to hold its meaning of "Always Striving and Prosper" by educating the public on drug abuse prevention and awareness. How meaningful is that?

We surely hope to hear A$AP Rocky and his new album soon. If you want to see this talented rapper perform LIVE in front of you, be sure to MAKE him in your city ASAP (and yes, another intentional pun right here 😄😄)!

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