TasteMakers, are you ready for this week's artist?

Our Artist of the Week is one of the promising girl groups in Kpop that is renowned for their synchronized performances backed by their powerful voice. 


While this Kpop hit group is only three years old, they already have a number of hit songs that reflect their own unique style of genre and concept.

If only I can travel in time and become an adult
Iโ€™ll hold your hand in this rough world

Anyone familiar with the lyrics?๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ

Yes! This is from the song "Rough (Running Through the Time)" by GFRIEND!

This time, like the lyrics hints, we will travel through the timeline to see how GFRIEND made their grand appearance to the Kpop scene and grew to be one of the best performing girl groups in South Korea today. Who's with us?



Anyone knows when GFRIEND made their official debut?

On the very first month of 2015, the six-member group made their appearance in Kpop with their mini album Season of Glass.

Their title track โ€œGlass Beadโ€ quickly became a public hit as the girls showcased powerful moves that contrast their pure looks. Since then, people noticed and predicted that these rookie girls would soon be one of Koreaโ€™s promising girl groups in the future.



GFRIEND surely spent a meaningful year in 2016.

Celebrating their first anniversary since debut, they marked the start of the year with the release of their third mini album SNOWFLAKE. On the heels of the recent successes of their previous songs, GFRIEND led to become one of the leading girl groups. Soon, with their title track "Rough", they gladly celebrated their first music show win in February.

Also, GFRIEND officially announced their fandom name-- Buddy! Thanks to the Buddys who supported them, these lovely girls spent a busy yet a rewarding year, releasing their first official album shortly after their previous mini album. It was with this album that they earned the title of a "Summer Queen" and became known as the killer of music charts. 

With the wave of successes, the girls swept through the charts in every music show and became the girl group with the most wins achieved within that year. How amazing is that?



Moving on to 2017, GFRIEND returned to the scene with a much more powerful concept. In March, they released their 4th mini album The Awakening, featuring the title track "Fingertip".

Through this song, they took off their pure image and wore a girl crush suit to capture the hearts of the public once again. The group led on with their successes as their following releases of the mini albums Parallel and Summer Rain also became public hits.

As a result, they won several awards this year, including the international accolade of Best Korean Act in the MTV Europe Music Awards. What was amazing about this achievement was that GFRIEND was the only girl group to receive the award among the recipients.

Isn't that impressive?



Finally, we're at 2018!

It's only been weeks since 2018 started, but GFRIEND already added a major accomplishment to their timeline.

Guess what? They held their first solo concert "Season of GFRIEND" just days ago. Just in time to celebrate their 3rd anniversary!

With many more events and rewards planned ahead for this amazing group, GFRIEND will continue to surprise their fans with their wonderful performance this year and in the years following 2018!

Make 2018 special for GFRIEND and for you, too! If you want to see them perform in front of you, request them to your city today!