Hello TasteMakers!

At MyMusicTaste, we’re always striving to create the best experience for all of our TasteMakers around the world.

Today, we are here to notify you that we will be removing the Daily Missions feature from our website on August 3rd.

While many of you have found the Daily Missions a motivating opportunity to engage in your artist campaigns, we also know that it can become tiring and competitive to maintain or achieve a position in the TOP 10 leaderboard as time goes by

As a TasteMaker, you can still earn your leaderboard points by inviting your friends to sign up and MAKE for your campaign by sharing your invite link (via Facebook, Twitter, or URL). 50 leaderboard points will be automatically added to your ranking every time anyone MAKES through your unique invite link.

We also have new feature that we are excited to announce!

Message to Artist!


In replace of Daily Missions, we would like to present a new way for fans to show love for their favorite artists! Create a customized, short and sweet message once a day and earn 15 leaderboard points! Daily Missions used to only let the first 50 TasteMakers participate, but now anyone and everyone is able to write a message and see what other fans have also written!

NOTE: We will not make any changes to the artist’s campaign MAKE process and each TasteMaker will still keep all of their current leaderboard points!

So, remember to MAKE and invite others to MAKE for a better chance of your concert becoming a reality! MAKE NOW! 


What will happen to my leaderboard points?

You will still keep all of the leaderboard points you have gained from participating in all the  previous Daily Missions and sharing your invite link for each campaign.

Will we still have TOP 10 TasteMakers for a campaign?

Yes, each campaign will still have the TOP 10 TasteMakers.

How can I increase my leaderboard points if there aren’t any more Daily Missions?

Leaderboard points can still be earned through two ways:

  1. Share your campaign link and invite your friends to also MAKE for the campaign (via Facebook, Twitter, or URL) - 50 leaderboard points

  2. Write a short message to the artist in our new Shoutout Box feature - 15 leaderboard points

What’s the difference between leaderboard points and Make Points? Are they the same?

Leaderboard points and Make Points are completely separate point systems. leaderboard points are your personal points awarded to you and determines your rank in the campaign. Make Points are collective of all TasteMakers and signifies the campaign’s progress.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@mymusictaste.com.