Hello TasteMakers!

Can you believe it is almost June already?! >_< We are almost halfway through 2017, so give yourself a pat on the back for getting through the first half of 2017~ A lot of K-pop artists deserve a round of applause as well because they have been busy/productive bees preparing for upcoming comebacks for this June! Check out some of the most exciting comebacks right now :D

1. Hyoyeon - June 1st

Watch out, world - Dancing Queen Hyoyeon will be making a solo comeback this June! This beautiful and talented artist hails from a legendary girl group, Girls’ Generation. Last December she released her first solo song “Mystery”, showing her charisma and vocal mastery to the world! This upcoming song “Wannabe” is even more anticipated as it features rapping by famous rapper San E! Who is ready to hear their sensational harmony?:D Also, if you want to see Hyoyeon perform live in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/xaPH and MAKE Hyoyeon~

2. FTISLAND - June 7th

Can you believe it has already been ten years (yes, a decade!!) since this charming quintet has made everyone love sick with their iconic debut song “Love Sick”? Since then the boys have grown to be one of the most recognized groups in Korea, often considered to be Korea’s first instrumental idol band. Showing no signs of slowing down, FTISLAND is coming back with their 10-year anniversary album “New Wind” on June 7th - their debut date!!! According to FNC Entertainment, the group has various plans to celebrate their long achievements, so make sure to stay tuned~ If you want to see FTISLAND perform live in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/xaLc and MAKE today~

3. G-Dragon - TBA

So many legendary K-pop artists returning~~ >_< BIGBANG leader G-Dragon is gearing up for a long-awaited comeback <3 While the official date of the comeback has not been finalized, he is going on his third world tour, titled “G-Dragon 2017 Concert: Act III, M.O.T.T.E”, starting off Seoul on June 10th. According to YG Entertainment, he is currently filming a new music video for a new song. However, a lot of fans already speculated this from his Instagram photos of what looked like filming or photoshoot for his new album (Smart fans ;)) We will wait and see what this record breaker will bring to the table this time! In the meantime, you can go to http://mmt.fans/xOYs and MAKE for G-Dragon! Bring G-Dragon to where you are~


Ladies and gentlemen, MAMAMOO is returning!! During their V-live time on the 28th, MAMAMOO announced that they will release their 5th mini album this June~ Their incredible vocals and ability to navigate various genres like retro, jazz and R&B have solidified their place as one of the most talented and successful K-pop groups. With record-breaking songs like “Um Oh Ah Yeah” and “You’re the Best”, this lovely quartet continues to surprise fans and critics with pulsating rhythms and ingenious lyrics, so we are excited to see what they have in store for us this time! If you want to be completely awestrucked by MAMAMOO’s stunning live performance in your city, go to http://mmt.fans/xOku and MAKE MAMAMOO!!

5. EXO - TBA

Fine, fine… EXO’s official comeback date is not exactly set :( However, during the press conference held for “EXO Planet #3 - the EXO'rDIUM” in Seoul, Baekhyun revealed that the title track has already been decided, and ‘it’s hot’ is the spoiler!!!!:D It seems like it will be a perfect song for this summer~ <3<3 The group has just finished their world tour, meeting fans all around the world and is now busy preparing for their comeback. Don’t be sad if you weren’t able to attend their concert~ You can go to http://mmt.fans/xa1k and MAKE EXO~ Bring EXO to where you are :D

6. ELRIS - June 1st

Not only we have K-pop veterans coming back this June, but also we have this rookie group ELRIS making their debut to the K-pop scene! Consisting of five girls, each member represents an embodiment of natural elements for their concept - Sohee as the ski, karin as the forest, Hyeseong as the wind, Yukyung as the water, and Bella as the heart. (So refreshing~~ <3) Many members appeared as contestants for K-pop Star 6 ,having proven their vocal prowess and talent to the public. They already dropped the highlight medley for their debut album “WE, first” which will be released at 6PM KST on June 1st. If you want to see this talented rookie group perform LIVE in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/xaxJ and MAKE today!

7. Top Secret - June 4th

We also have a handsome rookie boy group who is returning this June~ It is Top Secret!! They made their official debut in January with their debut mini-album, “Time’s Up” and quickly charmed fans with their schoolboy concept and bubbly vibe! These 7 cuties will once again captivate the hearts of fans with their second mini album “Wake up” this June 4th, so make sure to mark your calendar! :)