Happy Friday, TasteMakers!

Don’t have any weekend plan? Worry no more! We want to share an exciting article that will brighten up your weekend. Here are some of the most highly anticipated K-pop artists’ May comebacks.



First and foremost, we have handsome VIXX who is coming back this May! 5 is a special number for them as this year also marks the 5th year since their debut~ Widely known as a "concept dol", their versatility to pull off any concept (from voodoo practitioners to vampires) has charmed music critics and fans in the world, and we certainly can’t wait to see what they have in store for their comeback <3 The group is preparing for their upcoming 5th anniversary solo concert “VIXX LIVE FANTASIA” in Korea. Plus, they will also be embarking on a fan meeting tour “VIXX FAN MEETING TOUR IN SE-ASIA” this July thanks to all Starlights who requested them via MyMusicTaste! Don't be too sad if you don't live in Southeast Asia - you can go to http://mmt.fans/x7rn and MAKE VIXX come to YOUR city!


2. SEVENTEEN (rumored)

Who wouldn’t want to see a group of dashing boys who are full of energy and musical talents? (ALL 13 of them!!!!) The ‘self-producing’ idol group SEVENTEEN is rumored to come back at the end of May, and we hope this news is blowing the minds of Carats (their fandom name) ;) While their agency Pledis Entertainment announced that no official date has been set yet, we still look forward to hearing a great news this May~

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Four super girls are ready to take on the world once again~ Debuted in 2016, BLACKPINK is YG’s first girl group to debut after 2NE1. They may be a rookie group to the K-pop scene, but they certainly are establishing their position as one of the hottest K-pop groups with their hit songs “Whistle’ and ‘Playing with Fire’. According to their agency, YG Entertainment, the group will be performing at various university festivals in Korea, hinting that this is in part to begin promotions for their spring comeback! The exact date of their comeback is not set yet, so stay tuned!

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4. Roy Kim - May 16th

Finally! Roy Kim is coming back on May 16th - this will be the first album release since “The Great Dipper”, which was released in December 2015. During his interview slash photoshoot with “Dazed” magazine, he stated that this new album is themed as “a tree welcoming the spring season again”~ <3 Well Roy, we welcome YOU~~~!!!!

If you have not had a chance to listen to his amazing voice, we highly recommend “Heaven” which was collaborated with a talented singer Kim EZ. This was also a soundtrack for a popular Korean drama, “Goblin”~~ Awwww his voice is so dreamy~~~~

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Embrace yourselves, Onces! TWICE is coming back this May! Debuted in 2015, this JYP’s girl group quickly rose to become one of the most popular K-pop groups, shattering music records with their hits like “Knock Knock”, “Cheer Up” and “TT”. Rumor has it that TWICE already wrapped up filming a music video for their comeback song, which was also participated by Park Jin Young~ The exact date for their comeback is not set yet, so stay tuned for any updates! In the meantime, go to http://mmt.fans/xTW4 and MAKE TWICE to come to your city~ ;)

6. Lovelyz - May 2nd

Last but not least, we have a lovely Lovelyz who is coming back on May 2nd with even more loveliness~ <3 Consisting of eight talented girls, Lovelyz has released their second studio album, “R U Ready?”, only a couple months ago, so they surely are making a speedy comeback this time :) They just released a teaser video on their V-LIVE channel, so go check it out yourself and tell us how you like it! (btw, we love it!) -> http://mmt.fans/x7rG 

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