Happy Friday, TasteMakers!

Spring is finally here in Seoul, and we are beginning to see (through the midst of fine dust in Asia) cherry blossoms blooming.

However, cherry blossoms are not the only thing to look forward to this Spring. Many awesome K-pop artists are also coming back this April. (WOOHOO!!) Here are some of the K-pop artists’ April comebacks~

1.WINNER: April 4th

Starting off, we have handsome WINNER oppas coming back with more handsomeness~ Originally debuting as a quintet, a member Nam Tae Hyun left the group in November due to health complications. While the planned comeback was delayed for a year and two months, now-a-four-member-group WINNER is breaking their long hiatus for their highly anticipated fans soon - they will release “Fate Number For” at 4PM on April 4th, symbolizing their new image as quartet. Fighting, WINNER! We are so excited <3 If you want to see WINNER perform LIVE in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/7vUG and MAKE today!


2. DAY6: April 6th

A happy news to all rock lovers out there~ JYP Entertainment’s first rock-pop band DAY6 is releasing a new song on April 6th! This is a part of their year-long “Every DAY6 Project” which aims to release a new song on the 6th of every month and hold two concerts a month. What more can we say… Rock music + handsome boys = YES.YES.YES :D If you want to see DAY6 perform LIVE in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/7vLy and MAKE today!


3.EXID: April 10th

Sexy girl group EXID has revealed the official date for the release of their 3rd mini album- it is April 10th!!!! Their comeback, originally planned for early 2017, was postponed due to Solji’s health issue (Get well, Solji!). Through this album, remaining four members of EXID is going to show their unique, cheerful image, so prepare yourself for your world to get “UP & DOWN”! If you want to see EXID perform LIVE in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/7vmv and MAKE today!

4. Sechs Kies: April 15th

While there are numerous rookie groups debuting each year, some groups never disappear... YG’s legendary boy group Sechs Kies is coming back with their 20th year anniversary album (HOLY COW!) on April 15th! This veteran group is also planning on the 20th year anniversary concert, so stay tuned for more updates! If you want to see Sechs Kies perform LIVE in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/7vI1 and MAKE today!

5. PSY: April TBD

YG men are on a ROLL!!!!! Along with WINNER and Sechs Kies, superstar PSY is coming back! According to YG Entertainment, PSY has just been wrapping up the filming for the music video of a new song! Woohoo! This will be the first comeback since his 7th studio album “Chiljip Psy-da” in 2015. Good luck, PSY!! We hope this new song surpasses the viewer number of “Gangnam Style”! :D If you want to see PSY perform LIVE in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/7vYt and MAKE today!

6. APRIL: April TBD

If April is not a good month for APRIL to come back, then we really don’t know what other month would be ;) While the exact date for their 4th mini album has not been set, the title song will connect to their 3rd mini album title song, “April’s story”. This talented girl group of 6 is known for their image of childlike innocence and cuteness (They are all very, very young…), and we are excited to see more cuteness they will bring to fans very soon~ If you want to see APRIL perform LIVE in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/7vfC and MAKE today!

7. OH MY GIRL: April 3rd

Watch out, world! OH MY GIRL is coming back with even more loveliness! The talented girl group is releasing their 4th mini album, “Coloring Book”, on April 3rd. While this comeback will not include JinE as she is taking a break due to health complications, the remaining members will bring nothing but loveliness and bright energy to this new album. If you want to see OH MY GIRL perform LIVE in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/7vV5 and MAKE today!

8. Gaeko (Dynamic Duo): April TBD

Our favorite rapper (totally not biased! ;)) Gaeko from Dynamic Duo is going to rock the world of rap once again with his second solo album this April. He released his first full album, “Redingray”, in late 2014 (TOO LONG!), blowing minds of the music lovers with musical perfection. This highly anticipated solo album is more exciting because Gaeko not only wrote and composed all songs but also participated in the overall producing and music video making process. The exact date is TBD, but it definitely aims to release in April! If you want to see Gaeko perform LIVE in YOUR city, go to http://mmt.fans/7v6L and MAKE today!