With this new update, we have enhanced our service so that we can provide our TasteMakers with better insight as your collective makes develop into an actual concert. The make process will stay the same for all users, but the number of makes will no longer be the deciding factor for a stage transition.

The number of makes is a very valuable piece of information for MyMusicTaste, the artists, and the promoters, but it is not the sole component in the concert making process. In the past, TasteMakers were given a set quota to fulfill; and it was expected that when these missions were completed, the campaign would ideally become a concert.  While we would love for every campaign to become a real concert, there are many factors such as artist’s schedule, venue availability, and more, that can prevent a campaign from developing into a real concert.  This is why past campaigns that became concerts were not necessarily the top ranked campaigns on our service.

We understand that every campaign is different and will move at its own pace, even when it involves the same artist. We are now taking into account factors such as population size and venue to give everyone around the world a fair chance at their dream concert.

Your contribution in the form of a make, which will be converted to Make Points in the new update, will continue to be an important factor during the decision-making process.

Please note, all existing TasteMaker make counts have now been converted into Make Points.  

What are Make Points and how are they calculated?

Make Points are awarded to the campaign a TasteMaker has made rather than to any specific individual and is developed to provide TasteMakers with an accurate indicator of the movement their campaign has generated.

MyMusicTaste has developed a Make Point algorithm that weighs distinctive variables such as:

  • a user’s actual location and the city of the campaign they make

  • a user’s make history

  • the requested artist’s potential venue capacity and his/her concert history

  • the infrastructure capability of the requested city

  • and many more.

The Make Point value of a make will differ by campaign and by user based on the variables mentioned above.

One of the variables that determine how much Make Points are given is calculated based on a TasteMaker’s actual location and the city of the campaign they make.

We have seen instances of people asking for help from different cities, even different continents, to increase the make count of a certain campaign. Such actions may increase the number of makes displayed on the website, however, we are able to distinguish such makes in the backend and make decisions based on the clean figures. Therefore, we urge all our TasteMakers to make in cities they will likely attend.

Please remember that location is not the sole factor in determining the Make Point weight of your make. The Make Point algorithm also takes into consideration the requested artists’ potential capacity, the requested artist’s concert history, the infrastructure capability of a requested city, and other important elements.

You can set your city in your account settings.  Please note, you will only be able to change your city once every 30 days to prevent abuse of the service.

What is the difference between Make Points and leaderboard points?

Leaderboard points are not the same as Make Points, and the weight of your Make Points will not affect your leaderboard points or rank.  Leaderboard points are awarded to an individual for making, inviting, and completing daily missions. You will receive the same amount of points as you did in the past-- 25 points for daily missions and 50 points for inviting others to make.  

The top 10 TasteMakers with the most number of leaderboard points will be awarded awesome perks in addition to their TasteMaker benefits if and when the concert materializes. In the past, Top 10 benefits have included complimentary VIP tickets, special access, and more.

* * *

We want all campaigns to have the same equal opportunity of making a concert happen.  We are always listening and working hard to cater for our TasteMakers.  So, remember to MAKE and invite others to MAKE for a better chance of your concert becoming a reality!

Let’s bring your favorite artists one step closer to you!