Name of fanclub: Pentagon UK

Year formed: 2016

What is your role in this fanclub (what position)?: Head admin/main admin

Was there any special reason that led you to form this club/gave you the idea to form this club?: I had the idea when watching the teaser for their debut song ‘Gorilla’; I looked to see if they had a UK fanbase and realised the UK fanbase was nonexistent. So I decided to make one to bring the UK Pentafams/Pentafans together to create a tight-knitted and family-like community of fans.

What do you like about PENTAGON?: The diversity of the members and their backgrounds as well as their talents and visuals. They are like the full package to me. They are perfect.

Have you ever met the group/members of the group?: No, but how I wish I can meet them.

What events does your fanclub do?: We’ve had no projects to date other than fully member-signed album group orders as we were waiting until the new year to start planning, but we are planning to do fan meet-ups, charitable donations in Pentagon’s and Pentafams’ name and other little projects for members birthdays, etc.

How do you communicate with other members in your fanclub? (FB group, Line, Kakao, etc): We are purely based as a Facebook group and Twitter page so we can update fans on both platforms.

Proximity of members (all from same country/city, etc)?: As a UK fan group, we are all from the UK.

What message would you like to give to PENTAGON fans around the world?: Honestly, if you want to see them, don’t just sit there and wait for something to happen! “wake up” in the words of Pentagon. Get up, go to MyMusicTaste, ‘stop wishing, start making’ that, and keep being ‘Tentastic’.

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