Name of fanclub: GOT7 Portugal

Year formed: May 18, 2016

What is your role in this fanclub (what position)?: Creator and main administrator

Was there any special reason that led you to form this club/gave you the idea to form this club?: It was mainly because of the lack of an active fanbase for GOT7 in my country. I thought that having one would gather more Portuguese fans of kpop to GOT7, as they are growing in numbers each passing year.


What do you like about GOT7?: I like that they work so hard to grow as artists and to become better people, not only for themselves, but also for us fans. It makes me very proud that they are able to achieve more and more with each passing year, and very happy that the fandom is growing with each comeback. It gives me motivation not to give up and at least try and work as hard as GOT7!

Have you ever met the group/members of the group?: No, not yet… Although I really hope to be able to see GOT7 live at least once. I would pay for hi-touch afterwards of course! 

What events does your fanclub do?: We currently have 4 members (me included). Two are in charge of updating Facebook, and the other two members are in charge of Twitter. We use our Instagram mostly for important dates in the fandom (the members’ birthday or GOT7’s birthday). So far, we are focusing on keeping the fandom updated about all news and activities of GOT7 and their individual schedules. We do have plans to do a small celebration of GOT7’s 3rd anniversary, and possible a fanmeet in the near future.

How do you communicate with other members in your fanclub?: We talk through Facebook chat mostly, and sometimes e-mail.

Proximity of members (all from same country/city, etc)?: Three of us are from Lisbon, the capital, and one is from the north of Portugal, which makes a bit difficult for us to meet personally.

What message would you like to give to GOT7 fans around the world?: We might be a small fanbase, but please still give us a bit of love if you ever come across our sites. We promise to keep making our best efforts to support GOT7, and showcase their members’ and group talents to everyone who wants to listen. Moreover, we’re very proud of all of GOT7’s members and their achievements so far; it keeps us motivated to continue to work! Finally, we hope to get along with all other IGOT7s fanbases, as a fandom is better when it’s united. (^-^)

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