Happy Sunday TasteMakers!

Sunday mornings are the perfect time to snuggle up in blanket and listen to some good music, which is why we picked Epik High for our artist for this week! 


This rap trio has been producing brilliant music for more than 16 years, creating countless hits and inspiring a number of young hip hop musicians in Korea. As a veteran to the Korean hip hop scene, Epik High is also well-recognized in the international music scene, becoming the second ever Korean artist to play at Coachella! 

Oh, and did we mention that we brought Epik High to LA in 2015 thanks to TasteMakers who requested Epik High in LA...? :) 

Never losing their musical momentum, they released their ninth studio album, "We've Done Something Wonderful", in October, and it is definitely a masterpiece! They revealed the live performance video of "Love Story" featuring IU, so check it out right now! ISN'T IT ABSOLUTELY AMAZING?!?

Do you want to see Epik High in your city? Go to http://mmt.fans/j6W4 and MAKE Epik High today! Time to show our TasteMaker power once again! :D