Happy New Year, TasteMakers!

The new sun is about to rise for the year 2018, and we are feeling much joy and happiness as we get ready for another spectacular year! As for Kpop, many amazing artists are ready to brighten up the new year with their grand comebacks! These nine artists will surely mark a fantastic start to the new year~

momoland teaser 2.jpg

1. MOMOLAND - January 3 (6PM KST)

As one of the first artists to make a comeback in 2018, MOMOLAND will take you on a joyful adventure. Expected to debut on January 3, MOMOLAND will take their fans with on a musical ride, featuring their new album "GREAT!" This time, the girls are ready to shake the hearts of their fans with an upgraded level of maturity, showing a side that is totally different from their previous concepts.

Oh, and did you know that the dancing girl in the Tropicana Sparkling commercial is a member of MOMOLAND? With her addictive dance moves and catchphrase, JooE instantly became a star!

For those who have not seen this legendary commercial yet, check it out below!

As demonstrated by her energetic personality, JooE and other MOMOLAND members will surely brighten the new year with their charming looks through their comeback!

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2. OH MY GIRL - January 9

Next off, we have another girl group to spark the beginning of the new year with their glowing personalities - OH MY GIRL!

Their agency, WM Entertainment, has finally confirmed the day of the girls’ comeback. On January 9, these seven girls will return with a charming concept, enchanting the fans once again with their mystical songs.

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3. Chungha - January 17

Chungha, our dancing diva, is finally coming back!

We all know that Chungha was part of the project group IOI. Since then, Chungha has demonstrated her overflowing talent in dancing. After IOI disbanded, Chungha successfully transitioned herself as a solo artist with her debut song, “Why Don’t You Know.” Not only did she re-established herself as an amazing dancer, but she also demonstrated her vocal prowess.

Recently, she amazed the public once again with her captivating dance moves in her cover video of Taemin’s “Move”! For those who have not seen it yet, watch the video below!

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4. JBJ (TBD)

JBJ, a project boy group from Produce 101 Season 2, is also making their comeback in January!

While JBJ is currently very busy touring around Asia through their fan meeting tour, “JBJ 1st Fan Meeting- Come true,” their agency revealed that they are also preparing for their upcoming album in January. The boys are expected to have a busy end of the year as they will go back and forth between overseas promotion and comeback preparation. This comeback is special to the members as it will greatly affect the remaining length of the group, which was originally planned to end around April 2018.

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FINALLY! BLACKPINK is coming back!

These Kpop queens are returning after seven long months!

It’s not too early to call them the new pillars of Kpop, considering that the music video of their last song “As If It Was Your Last” reached 200 million views on YouTube and became the most loved Kpop music video in the world. What an impressive record for a girl group that just made their debut last year!

This rookie group is expected to have another busy year, with the release of their comeback album and the airing of their first reality show, BLACKPINK HOUSE, which is scheduled to air in January. So stay tuned as the girls get ready to conquer 2018!

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6. iKON (TBD)

We have another exciting news from YG Entertainment! iKON, the brother group of BLACKPINK, is preparing for their iKONIC comeback in January!

This multi-talented group has been enjoying popularity in Japan these days, breaking their own record of holding the largest concert tour in Japan and topping the Oricon Chart. Yet, iKON fans were always craving for their comeback in Korea. Luckily, YG released the news the iKON has already completed the filming of the music video for their upcoming album! So it won't be long until we see these cuties back with us!

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7. Sunmi (TBD)

It is without a doubt that 2017 has definitely been Sunmi’s year. Establishing herself as a successful solo musician with her previous house retro “Gashina”, Sunmi is going for another wave of hits in 2018! While the official comeback date is confirmed yet, Sunmi’s management revealed that she is currently preparing for her return. We surely can't wait to see this stunning solo artist rock the world of Kpop once again!

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8. Suzy (TBD)

Our lovely Suzy is most likely to make her solo comeback in January!

Suzy has been focusing on her acting career this year, with her recent appearance as a beautiful, bold reporter in the drama "While You Were Sleeping." However, when she revealed her plans to continue her music career at the Grand Mint Festival last October, a lot of her fans (including us) were overjoyed that they will hear her beautiful voice again.

This upcoming album will be her second solo album after her first single, "YES?NO?" While you are waiting for her comeback, check out her recent duet cover with Park Jin Young!

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9. INFINITE - January 8

Last but not least,  INFINITE is finally returning to the Kpop scene!

With the absence of Hoya, INFINITE has announced their comeback as a sextet, confirming that they have already completed the making of their new music video as well as the filming of MBC’s Weekly Idol.

Check out their teaser photo for their upcoming album "TOP SEED" that is scheduled to be released on January 8!


To return the support and love from fans who have long-awaited for their return, INFINITE will also hold a special fan meeting “Begin Again” from December 29 to 31. Yes, the fan meeting will be in Seoul. :( But who's to say that you cannot invite INFINITE to your city? In fact, their 2015 Europe tour - INFINITE 2nd WORLD TOUR "INFINITE EFFECT" - was made possible thanks to TasteMakers who requested INFINITE! Show your fan power again by requesting the boys on http://mmt.fans/11xV!