Happy Sunday, TasteMakers!

Guess what... we only have about two weeks left of 2017! To make sure you discover as many good songs as possible before this year ends, we've decided to choose a rising star who's been creating some swell music circa 2014... ;) It is DECLAN MCKENNA!!!

Image source:  Billboard

Image source: Billboard

For those of you who might be so familiar with Declan, he is an 18-year-old British singer-songwriter who already has released several hits, including "Brazil" and "The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home." Fun fact - his first single "Brazil" is his polemic about how FIFA and the 2014 FIFA World Cup brought a detrimental impact on local communities. So go check out the song today!

Our favorite song of Declan is actually this live version of one of his hits "Listen to Your Friends"! What's your favorite Declan song?

Listen to Declan in YOUR city! Go to http://mmt.fans/1gaj and MAKE Declan McKenna today! Bring him where you are! :)