Hey TasteMakers, December is here!

It’s the month of growing anticipation, with lots and lots of delightful things to expect. Besides, what can we expect more than the exciting news of Kpop artist comebacks?

To keep you guys thrilling, we’re here with an amazing line-up of Kpop artist comebacks that will definitely surpass the excitement of winter snow~ ❄❄❄


1. Rain- December 1 ( 6PM KST)

Surely, we can’t start off December without mentioning Rain’s comeback.

Instead of falling snow, Rain is about to fall this winter! After three years, our long-missed idol has finally delivered news of his new album that is scheduled to be released on the very first day of December.

As a prequel to his comeback, he recently released a track in collaboration with Jo Hyun A of Urban Zakapa entitled, “Goodbye”.

The sweet voices of the duo are just enough to keep us heated until Rain makes his grand comeback in December.

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2. Hyun A - December 4

Next off, we are about to push your excitement to the next level with the news of Hyun A’s comeback!

Hyun A, the diva that we all have been waiting for, has been insinuating her powerful comeback through her social media and official accounts. While her recent album “Babe” featured a softer image, this new single album will show a completely different side of her, playing around with much more dynamics and energy.


As her colorful teaser shows, this thanx single titled “Lip and Hip” will embody the passionate spirit of Hyun A as she celebrates her 10th year as an artist!


As usual, she will mark the start of December with her fierce yet extremely enthralling performances on stage. Make sure not to miss her comeback as she is expected to rock the stage!

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3. Zion.T- December 4 (6PM KST)

We all know that we can’t conclude our year without the heart-warming voice of Zion.T.

Following his previous successes on almost every track that he has released so far, Zion.T’s songs are a guaranteed must to listen to!

This time, it’s even more special since he will be collaborating with Lee Moon Se, a legendary singer known for his original songs “Sunset Glow” and “Girl” that Big Bang and HyukOh sang as remakes.

Check out this teaser for their track “Snow” that was released just days ago!

Just by the news of Zion.T’s comeback and his collaboration project with Lee Moon Se, we can already feel the warm atmosphere swarming around our ears.


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4. DAY6- December 6 (12PM KST)

Next in line, we present to you, DAY6, a cute band of idols who is also making a comeback this early December!

This boy band had a successful and an epic year in 2017, with rising fans and popularity followed by monthly releases of their songs and performances! On the heels of all that, they are ready to conclude the year with the release of their 2nd album “MOONRISE”.


Their track list unveiled itself through their official website just a few days ago featuring 18 songs with the title track entitled, “I Like You”.

If you had not seen their first official teaser yet, check it out through the video below and stay tuned for more news on their comeback!

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5. GOT 7 - December 7

GOT7 is soon arriving!

With their repackage album, “7 FOR 7 PRESENT EDITION”, these seven lucky boys are ready to blast the season starting on the 7th day of December.


Like the title, this album will be a loving PRESENT to their fans, including an arrangement of their beloved tracks from their previous mini album, “7 For 7”.

Their original mini album “7 For 7” has already received notable success as they sold more than 250,000 copies and topped No.1 in various music charts. With that guaranteed, we can’t miss the upcoming new version for sure, for it will definitely be a greater hit!

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6. B.A.P (TBD)

Just in case that you’re not satisfied enough with the line-up so far, it’s still too early to be disappointed.

Guess what? B.A.P is coming back!

While the actual date of their comeback has not been confirmed yet, B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment already revealed their teaser image, anticipating that their comeback is near.

The boy group has received much love from the fans around the world following the releases of their previous albums “NOIR”, “ROSE”, and “BLUE” that each feature different concepts that match the colors black, red, and blue.

This time, B.A.P is returning with its 8th single “EGO”!

bap s.jpg

Look at the personal teasers of the members, Bang Yong Guk and Jong Up that was just released! Can you guess their concept for their upcoming album? We surely hope to find it out soon with their comeback next month. So stay tuned for more updates on B.A.P!

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7. Taeyeon (TBD)

Well, we can’t pass December without mentioning Christmas and most especially, carols!

Our ballad queen, Taeyeon, is returning with a special holidays album! Although we still don’t know the actual date for her comeback, Taeyeon has revealed that she will soon launch a special album just in time for Christmas!

On the perks of her successful career as a solo artist, her winter album is already a guaranteed success. She is ready to return as the queen of winter this year!

You know what that means~!

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8. EXO (TBD)

Finally, last but not least-- Exo!

We’ve been hearing that they are currently preparing for a winter special album. What a great way to conclude the year 2017 with EXO!

Following their major comeback with their 4th album “THE WAR” earlier this year, they have concluded that they will be releasing a special album before the year goes.

This will be a delightful surprise to the fans since it has already been a year since EXO released their last special album in 2016. This album will instantly melt the hearts of the fans amidst the cold weather! So prepare yourselves and get ready to see EXO’s another legendary comeback this December!

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