Hello lovely TasteMakers~

Can you believe it is almost November?! It is getting quite chilly here in Korea, and fall foliage is finally popping! :D However, fall leaves aren’t the only thing to look forward to this November… some of the most amazing Kpop artists are coming back, including artists who had shows made by TasteMakers! Check out this post to find out who they are~


1. ASTRO - November 1

Starting off, our dear ASTRO is coming back on November 1st! Comprised of 6 handsome boys from Fantagio Entertainment, ASTRO has been winning Kpop fans’ hearts with their charming features and bubbly personalities. While they debuted only a year ago, they were named by Billboard as one of the best new k-pop groups in 2016! 2017 has been a meaningful year for them as well thanks to our love TasteMakers in Singapore! In March, ASTRO had their very first overseas fan meeting in Singapore and hung out with their lovely fans~


To top it off, they are now ready to rock November with their 5th mini album ‘Dream Part.02’! 

Check out the highlight medley for their new album. We can already tell this album is going to be fantastic~

By the way, their title track is called “Crazy Sexy Cool’.... ;)

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2. VAV - November 2 (12PM KST)

VAV is coming back this November! :D Who’s excited?!

Hailing from A Team Entertainment in 2015, VAV is composed of seven talented boys~ The group’s name actually stands for “Very Awesome Voice”, and we can tell you that this name definitely a spot-on - each member has a unique and deep voice that makes their music so addictive, and we can't wait to see what VAV has for their fans this time!

Check out the concept film for their 4th digital single “She’s Mine.” Our favorite part was at 0:35. What was yours?

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3. SEVENTEEN - November 6 (6PM KST)

Remember when SEVENTEEN went to North America thanks to our TasteMakers who requested SEVENTEEN in their cities? In the midst of busyness with their world tour, SEVENTEEN has been working super hard on their new album,‘TEEN, AGE'!  This album is scheduled to be released at 6PM KST on November 6th, and we can’t wait to be surprised by SEVENTEEN once again!



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monsta x.jpg

4. MONSTA X - November 7

Our dreamy MONSTA X is coming back on November 7th! :D Woohoo~

According to Starship Entertainment, MONSTA X will be releasing their music video trailer on the 3rd. They will then release their new album and hold a comeback showcase in Seoul on the 7th, so stay tuned for all the exciting events! :)

Check out the new teaser image for their comeback album! So colorful, right?


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block b.jpg

5. Block B - November 7

Another great group whose tour was made by TasteMakers will return this November! Block B is coming back with their 6th mini album on November 7th. We’re really excited about this comeback especially because it will include a ballad song produced by our dear Park Kyung!

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6. EXID - November 7 (6PM KST)

Our beautiful EXID is returning with their fourth mini album, “Full Moon”! :D

Their new album is set to be released on November 7th, followed by their music video teaser release on the 6th. This comeback is even more exciting because their concept, “full moon”, hints that Solji will finally join the group once again after taking a break due to health complications! We’re definitely looking forward to seeing EXID as a whole again :)

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gugudan selfie.jpg

7. gugudan - November 8 (6PM KST)

Good news, Dan-jjaks! Get ready for gugudan’s sweet, sweet comeback~

They unveiled a teaser for their upcoming single album “Act.3 Chococo Factory”, and as you can guess from the title, its theme is inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Their title track is called “Chococo”, and we can already smell chocolate just by thinking about their new song~ So stay tuned for their sweet comeback, everyone! :D

gugudan comeback.jpg

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wanna pone.jpg

8. Wanna One - November 13

Last but definitely not least...Wanna One is coming back!! :D Their repackaged album “1-1=0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)” will be released on November 13th, and it will include one or two new songs~

Comprised of 11 winners from Mnet’s idol survival show “Produce 101” Season 2, Wanna One is undoubtedly one of the hottest rookie groups of 2017. Not only did they sell over 700,000 copies of their first EP album, but they also sold out their year-end fan meeting in less than 5 minutes! You go, Wanna One! <3

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