“Your concert is finally happening!” Your dream concert is finally happening, and you’re jumping with joy. As a TasteMaker for another campaign that came true, you received a discount for your ticket, and you’re excited to see what special benefit you’ll receive this time. However, you belatedly realize that it’s not MyMusicTaste show... While we would love nothing more than to be involved with all the shows around the world, for many obvious reasons, it’s not always meant to be. However, you’ll see that sometimes we do transition a campaign to a concert even if we are not associated with the upcoming show. In this post, we will explain why we transition and how these events are classified.

A MyMusicTaste Concert


At times, MyMusictaste has the opportunity to work with artists as a promoter, and we have an in-house concert promotion team that we dispatch whenever we secure a concert deal. Because we’re involved in the event as a promoter, we are responsible for pretty much everything - the production, marketing, hospitality, customer service and all communications with the artist management company, which gives us more control from beginning to end.

We’re in constant communication with the artist management to plan and execute the various topics mentioned above, and during these meetings, we stress the importance of our TasteMakers and their influence in making this show happen. This is when we discuss the various benefits we can give.  Depending on the artist, we have been able to provide our TasteMakers with free tickets, early bird ticketing, merch or set up meet and greets.  Earlier this month, we were able to give out free VVIP tickets to our Top 10 TasteMakers and discounts to all TasteMakers who made SHINee CONCERT “SHINee World V” in JAKARTA happen.

The key difference between a MMT concert and the other two concerts mentioned below (affiliate and non-MMT) is that we are able to guarantee our TasteMakers with a benefit as we have full control.

A MyMusicTaste Affiliate Concert  


Our mission is to make concert dreams around the world come true. Putting together one event can take months, and if it were just MyMusicTaste, we would only be able to organize three or four shows a year. And that’s why we partner with promoters around the world.  By working with local promoters, we work in synergy with the folks who know the local market better than we do, which allows us to use our resources saved to start preparing for more shows in other regions.

The roles and responsibilities of the local promoter and MyMusicTaste are split to their strengths. Usually, the local promoter is in charge of a lot of the logistics such as artist visa, hospitality, and production as they are more knowledgeable about the local laws and regulations, while MyMusicTaste provides financial, marketing, and any other support the promoter needs.  For example, NoiX Producciones and MyMusicTaste recently  joined forces to present the “2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR IN SANTIAGO.”  We have taken on a supporting role to help NoiX Producciones organize the best possible kpop show in Chile. Because MyMusicTaste is involved with the show, we have the opportunity to stress the vital role of our TasteMakers and negotiate for benefits.  

An affiliate show will always be marked with the phrase “produced by local partner name” by the campaign name.

A strategic partnership between local promoters and MyMusicTaste allows both parties to bring their strengths to the table to create unforgettable experiences for the fans. Over time, we hope to work with more promoters around the world to make concert dreams come true sooner.

A Non-MyMusicTaste Concert


More often than not, you will run into a concert which is not affiliated with MyMusicTaste. While we would love nothing more than to be a part of all concerts held worldwide, the reality is that it is a near-impossible feat (though we are working hard to ensure we are a part of many fan-requested concerts as possible), there are just too many artists and too many cities around the world. Moving forward, you will see certain campaigns transition to an event, and the reason is that these campaigns correspond to concerts that have been announced.  Since the concert is going to happen, it is safe to say that (most) fans’ dreams have been fulfilled (yay)! Because MyMusicTaste isn’t directly involved with the show, it will be difficult to guarantee benefits for TasteMakers for whom these campaigns correspond.

For example, Big Hit Entertainment recently announced five cities for the “2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR”, and the cities are Seoul, Santiago, Sao Paulo, New York, and Los Angeles. Currently, MyMusicTaste is only involved with the show in Santiago. Therefore, we’re unable to provide benefits to TasteMakers in the other four cities. However, don’t be discouraged. Your wishes, as expressed by the number of makes, were heard! You’re getting your favorite artist’s concert in your city!

It is MyMusicTaste’s mission to see every campaign develop into a concert, and while we can’t get involved with every show, we want all music fans out there to know that you can make a difference by “STOP WISHING, START MAKING”


Regardless of whether MMT is involved with a concert or not, if your campaign transitioned to an event, feel proud that your favorite artist management noticed your movement.  MyMusicTaste will always try our best to be the voice of the fans!

Don’t forget to visit MyMusicTaste to MAKE your concert happen!