“Thank you, Indonesian SHAWOLS! WE MADE IT, together!  The concert is finally going to happen! Wait… it’s going to happen in less than 20 days?!”

Those were the exact thoughts going through every staff that had been working day and night to MAKE SHINee in Jakarta possible.


Ever since EXOPLANET #2 – The EXO'luXion – in NORTH AMERICA in early 2016, we have kept a healthy relationship between SM Entertainment and DreamMaker Entertainment; and during one meeting early September, SM brought up the possibility of adding more international cities for the upcoming SHINee CONCERT “SHINee World V” based on the existing fan requests on MyMusicTaste. After several discussions and schedule checks with all the potential cities, MyMusicTaste and SM Entertainment decided to select Jakarta as the first international stop in SHINee’s latest tour.  

In early October, MyMusicTaste, along with DreamMaker Entertainment, decided to set the plans into action.  Since the schedule for SHINee CONCERT “SHINee World V” was already in the works, we did not have many available date options.  Generally, the safest time frame for organizing a concert is about 6 months.  In these months, there are lots of very important things to consider such as reserving venues, booking travel and accommodations for artist and crew, dealing with local government and/or promoters, marketing for the concert, etc.  All of the mentioned factors, and more, are all equally important.  As such,it is typically very difficult to put on a good show if this time is shorted.  Fortunately, MyMusicTaste is composed of a group of very devoted staff - a group of efficient, multitasking, professionals with experience in putting on concerts in a short period of time - and knows exactly where and how many fans are waiting for their favorite artists. These two factors are instrumental in helping us make our TasteMakers’ dream concerts come true on such a short notice.

SHINee CONCERT “SHINee World V” in JAKARTA was going to be our first concert in Indonesia, and we had less than a month to prepare.  Our team flew out to Jakarta several times during that period to confirm the venue availability and compatibility.  Even if it was a battle against time, we wanted this concert experience to be the best for all Indonesian fans.



For every concert, there is a template called a tech rider that the concert abides by lays out every detail about the show, backstage, onstage, lighting, sound, props, f&b and just about anything you can think of.  In order to make sure the stage is built into the exact design and to prepare the light and sound system as specified on the tech rider, our team made many trips to Jakarta, overcame the language barrier, worked day and night. It was a race against the clock to get everything ready by November 12.



While we could speed up most of work, securing a performer’s visa for SHINee was one of the things we could not.  We needed to have all the important materials such as the local government’s approval, passports, proof of flights and accommodations, etc, prepared. Once all the required paperworks are submitted, everything depends on the embassy.  In Jakarta, this process can last up to a month and last up to two months for other countries.  If the embassy notifies us of any error, we would have to start from the beginning. Therefore, it is critical for us to have all of our documents prepared without any flaws.  We have written a previous post about this subject, clickhere to read more.



There were many tasks that the marketing team had to complete prior to day of the show.  The most important aspect of a concert marketer is his/her clear communication.  For the SHINee concert, our marketing team thought of many ideas to give exposure to this concert.  Fun contest ideas needed to thought out carefully with an organized schedule.  Internally, we needed to communicate with DreamMaker and SM Entertainment for their permission to post certain posts.  Externally, we needed to communicate and work with media outlets to promote for this concert.

MyMusicTaste Customer Service


Our customer service team did their best to provide quality care to each TasteMaker and concert attendees who reached out to us via social media and emails. Our engineers were also on the clock throughout the period to support and solve any technical inquiries.

* * *

Times flies when there are so many things to consider in a concert.  It is a constant rush against time and quality, and no matter what, through all those long office hours, countless business trips, and overwhelming flow of emails, we’d like to say, “Thank you, Indonesian SHAWOLS! WE MADE IT, together!  The concert finally happened!”

At MyMusicTaste, we are always trying our best to make concert dreams around the world come true.  There is no “start date” for a campaign on MyMusicTaste. Over time, fans from all over the world find their way to MyMusicTaste, discover other passionate fans in their area, and voice their wish to see their favorite artist together. These wishes are then voiced by MyMusicTaste. There will be many more “spontaneous” concerts such as SHINee in Jakarta, so...you know the phrase…”STOP WISHING, START MAKING!” You never know..your dream concert may come true tomorrow!

Remember, if we can MAKE SHINee happen in Jakarta, EXO happen in North America, Block B happen in Europe, and other countless tours and concerts happen around the globe, we can MAKE anything happen in the world.  Don’t forget to spread your MAKES, only YOU have to power to persuade and build a movement for your dream concert. Don't forget to visit MyMusicTaste to bring your favorite artist to you!