In this post, we will answer some frequently asked questions about booking hotels and important points to consider.

1. When booking hotels, generally how early or late do I need to book them (for cheaper prices or to maintain best rooms, etc.)?


When booking hotels, especially with large scale concerts, you need to block out an entire floor, so it is best to contact the manager of the hotel for a discount. Generally, discounts may vary depending on the hotel and the size of the group. This should be done as soon as you receive the riders and all details regarding the number of artists and their staff, as well as other special requirements made by the artists and or their management.

2. How should I plan the maintaining of artists' privacy during the booking process (back entrances, security, timing, etc.)?


Check-ins depend on the flight arrival time--you will need to coordinate this with the hotel manager, so that the artists are able to check-in to the hotel upon arrival.

As for privacy, you will need to acquire a map of all entrances (including staff entrances), so your artists can enter and leave the hotel without having to deal with paparazzi or a crowd of fans. In addition, namely with idols, security guards may be requested in the rider. These security guards can be hired by a local team who know the area and are well versed in protocols of the district the performance is in.

3. Do I need to book a certain type of hotel or certain rooms?


The hotel bookings depend on the artists and/or their management. Most often, you will need to book a 4-5 star hotel, and as mentioned before, book an entire floor of the hotel for the artists and their staff. Once you have booked the whole floor, each room will be designated to the artists, their staff, or special needs of the artists. For instance, there may need to be a separate meeting room or refreshment room. When this is all planned out, sketch out a map of it and give it to the artists’ management.

We are happy to answer any general questions regarding this process! Please leave your questions in the comments, and we will try to answer them in future posts for all to see :)

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