Name of fan club: SHINee World Ina. But we are known by many as SHWI💕

Year formed: 2012. Exactly on the 22nd of December 😊😊

What is your role in this fanclub (what position)?: I am the founder and owner of this fanclub.

Was there any special reason that led you to form this club/gave you the idea to form this club?: Yes! Back then I wished there was a fanbase that would not only update about SHINee related information but also be able provide a warm and friendly place where SHINee World (SHINee's fans) would feel welcome to their thoughts and opinions.

For those reasons I started this fanbase. It's like MyMusicTaste's motto, isn't it? "Stop wishing, Start Making." So I stopped thinking about it and made this fanbase to realize my wishes.

What do you like about SHINEE?: SHINee??? I think it would take about 10 pages to tell you everything I like about them lol! But... basically I like SHINee because they're different (in a good way of course). They always strive to do their best but are also incredibly down to earth...I am so impressed by them. They're my motivation. They are amazingly talented and aren't afraid to try new concepts! Their name is SHINee and their music helps bring light to their fans!

Have you ever met the group/members of the group?: Yes, I have! I attended SHINee World Concert III in Jakarta two years ago. I met Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin (unfortunately Onew didn't attend SWCIII in Jakarta due to his voice recovering) but I was so sad because Onew is my ultimate bias. :( I was really sad back then but when I saw how Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin were trying their best it made me  feel so excited. That moment increased my Shawol spirit to a higher level! :D :D It made me love them even more!

What events does your fan club do?: Below are just some of the events our club has participated in

- OnHo Birthday Giveaway - SHINee World III in Jakarta project - MMT campaign project - SHINee World Indonesia Rice Wreath Project to UNICEF with other SHINee fan clubs (check it out at @ProjectShawolID)

How do you communicate with other members in your fan club?: We use LINE Official Account and Twitter. As for the admins, we communicate through WhatsApp group and/or LINE group.

Proximity of members (all from same country/city, etc)?: We are all from the same country of course because SHWI is Indonesia based. The admins are from different cities throughout Indonesia.

What message would you like to give to SHINEE fans around the world?: ♥Once you TAEMin, you can't TAEMout 😁 ♥ Support their work, support their privacy and support fellow Shawol as well. Let us become a real SHINee world for SHINee! 😊

Official links to all fan club social media: ( Eng-Bahasa trans account) (SHWI LINE Official Account)