Hello fellow MMT users!  If you are a returning user, you may have noticed a few changes on our site. We know you probably have a billion questions, so we are here to clear up all your confusion!

In the past, we allowed users to choose their own ticket prices.  These tickets were categorized in groups, a, b, c, or d, which were differentiated by their prices.  First, there was the question of whether you could select a certain type of ticket even if it had run out.  Then, a lot of people were wondering if you could change these ticket types in the future.  We thought this whole process was a bit confusing for our users so we simplified a lot of these steps for you!


We are happy to announce the new design of our ticket selector is now much simpler! This means there will be no more limitation on each type of ticket quantity.  You're probably wondering, "Does that mean I can no longer reserve my tickets?", right? Well, the change actually has no difference in its functionality.  The previously used ticket selections were to gauge how much users would like to pay for their tickets.  We thought the four different choices of ticket selections were a bit limited.  Since every concert is different, their ticket prices will always be different as well.  Our new slider will now allow you to tell us precisely how much you want to pay for your dream concert.  Once we have collected your data, it will be easier for everyone to find a middle ground for that dream concert.


Also, it is now much more easier for all users to see if you have MADE for a campaign.  Once you have completed your MAKE for a campaign, it will show up as “MAKE Completed” on the very top to the campaign page.

We are always gauging new ways to improve our platform.  If you have any suggestion for improvement for us, please email support@mymusictaste.com.

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