So if you haven’t heard yet, Andra Day is coming to Seoul. Yes, the 31-year-old soul singer who’s pretty much taking over the music scene has achieved the following shortly after her debut: two Grammy nominations for her debut album “Cheers to The Fall,” a critically acclaimed duet with the legendary Stevie Wonder, a guest performance at the White House with POTUS and FLOTUS as an audience, and much more. We all know she's an amazing singer—if you haven’t listened to her, drop everything you’re doing and Google/Bing/Yahoo/Naver search her now. There are so many reasons why we’re excited for her upcoming are five of them!


1. Her sounds are amazing

Her sound is a fusion of jazz, rock, pop, soul, and many other genres. She does not limit herself to any category...truly a talent of her own making.


2. Her style is just as major as her voice

Day’s style is unique and amazing in every single way. As a modern woman with a retro style, she stunningly combines her vintage ‘50s retro look with a modern twist.

3. Her lyrics will take you on an emotional journey

She sings and write songs drawn from personal experience. Her voice is more than just pretty sounds. She truly speaks to her listeners, using music as a means to communicate and heal.

4. She is a wonderful human being

It's scary to admit your own mistakes, however Day is not afraid to face her shortcomings. She reveals her vulnerability and fearlessness through her music. Her music will touch your soul.

5. Her performance is inspiring

Day takes real responsibility as an artist, influencing and inspiring people through her music. Time to check out Andra Day perform on stage in her element!


Witness Andra Day live on September 23, 2016, at 8:00PM at YES24 LIVE HALL! You can purchase tickets to her upcoming Seoul show on Trazy (p.s. the site is super foreigner-friendly: in English and you can use Visa/MC/AmEx!) Interpark and Yes24.

Further information can also be found on Andra Day's official Facebook event page! See you on the 23rd~ :wink: