Planning a concert is a challenging yet exciting process at MyMusicTaste. We strongly value every MAKE collected on MyMusicTaste as it is one ofthe most important factors when choosing which artist campaign to proceed with.  As much as we want to bring artists to every city where fans are, there are several other factors that must be taken into consideration when planning a concert tour.

In planning a potential concert tour, we must consider at minimum the following factors: artist schedule, venue availability, local promoter partners (quality/availability), etc.  There are many moving pieces when planning a concert tour but here is the process in a nutshell:

Step 1) Look for popular artist campaigns (Artist + Country City)

Step 2) Approach artist management and share fan’s MAKE data.  Artist management provides input on desired cities, artist availability, etc.  

Step 3) After negotiations are finalized with management, we begin logistics planning (venues, production companies, local promoters, hotels and flights)

Step 4) Based on the data gathered (TasteMaker activity + logistics, et al.) we make a final decision for cities that will be included in the concert tour.


Correlating MAKES with the logistics required to make a concert happen in a certain city is a detailed and multi-faceted process that requires careful thought and research up until the final decision is made.  It is a difficult decision to make since we want to give every fan the concert he/she desires. At MyMusicTaste, we believe that fans have the most power to influence when and where concerts happen. We see how hard fans work to spread the word about campaigns on MyMusicTaste and share their disappointment if their city is not selected.  As long as we have the MAKES, we will always continue to try to persuade artists to come to you!.

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