Name of fan club: US BTS ARMY

Year formed: 2014

What is your role in this fanclub (what position)? Founder

Was there any special reason that led you to form this club/gave you the idea to form this club? There wasn't any specific fanbase for US ARMY at the time, so after some encouragement from a friend I just started it. It was a little daunting at first, since I had no idea what I was doing! When we officially launched, our name was BTS WEST COAST ARMY. The idea was start out small then grow from there. Eventually, after about a year, we officially changed our name to US BTS ARMY.

What do you like about BTS? Wah this is a hard question haha! I like a lot about BTS. The way their music speaks to not just me but a lot of us, even if it is in a different language. They're dancing is amazing, they are incredible performers! Those boys always work so hard just to make ARMY happy. :D They are so hard working & dedicated it's inspiring. The put 110% in everything they do & I am always so grateful for that. They really care about their fans. ♥ I feel like they always give us so much, no matter what I do for them it never feels like enough. They are such dorks and ALWAYS put a smile on my face. Honestly I could go on & on, but I feel like no amount of words is ever enough. They never cease to amaze me! ♥

Have you ever met the group/members of the group? Met them in person, no I wish! Seen them at concerts and shows, yes several times here in the US & in Korea.

What events does your fanclub do? We like to do support for them during concerts or promotions. We collaborate with other fan bases during anniversaries & birthdays etc; like gathering gifts, letters, fan art and so on.

Rice Wreath support for BTS HYYH On Stage Epilogue Concert in Korea
Rice Wreath support for BTS HYYH On Stage Epilogue Concert in Korea

How do you communicate with other members in your fanclub? Our main method of communication is Twitter, but we do have a website and a Facebook page.

Proximity of members (all from same country/city, etc)? This is kind of hard to answer lol, we don't necessarily have members. Just fans that follow us for updates on BTS, etc. Currently we have a little over 50K on Twitter. Our followers are not just from the US but from all over the world! :D :D We have fans from so many places its really amazing to see. :)

What message would you like to give to BTS fans around the world? We are still such a young fandom. We have a long way to go, and being a fan isn't easy. There will always be people trying to make it difficult for us. We just have to remember what's important to us. Those 7 wonderful boys that bring us so much joy. ♥♥ So lets just worry about the important things, supporting BTS and ignoring the outside negativity.

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