Year formed: 2015

What is your role in this fanclub (what position)? Admin

Was there any special reason that led you to form this club/gave you the idea to form this club? FTISLAND has been popular in the Philippines since 2009, but they haven't returned since their last visit in 2010. During the "I WILL" promotional period (FTISLAND's comeback in 2015), we decided to create a fan base to gather more active PRIMADONNAs all over our country to enable us to represent Filipino PRIMADONNAs. We wanted FTISLAND and other international fans to know that there are PRIMADONNAs in the Philippines who are still very active.

What do you like about FTISLAND? FTISLAND is the total package; they aren't like the usual Kpop-boy band we usually think of. They are very true to themselves and don't hesitate to share that side with fans. They do not treat us as their fans but rather as their friends, as family. With their great rock music, dedication and passion for music, not to mention their good looks, we really can’t ask for more! ♥

Have you ever met the group/members of the group? Unfortunately no, that is why we are hoping very much that MyMusicTaste can bring them here so that we can see FTISLAND and experience their powerful live performance. We aim to see FTISLAND here in our country and cheer for them with our fellow Filipino Fans.

What events does your fanclub do? It hasn't been long since our fanclub started and as we are quite a small group, we're always thankful for all the successful projects that we have done so far and have plans for more, all to show our love and support for our Five Treasures! :D We are very active in joining different international support projects such as comeback support., anniversary support, and the member's birthday support. We have also initiated fan gatherings to enable us to meet our fellow Primadonnas and talk about all things FTISLAND! Just recently our fanclub initiated a unique way to celebrate FTISLAND's 9th Anniversary through organizing a charity event for orphaned children in the name of FTISLAND. We distributed school supplies and food during the event,  which was a meaningful way to share blessings with others in need.

More of FTIPri PH Projects: 2015:!2015/u12a6 2016:!2016/e2qfi Charity Event (FTISLAND 9th Anniversary Project) :!2016-ftipri-ph-charity-project/maqgu


How do you communicate with other members in your fanclub? Aside from having a page and website, FTIPri PH is very active via our Facebook Group, which is a space where our fellow PRIMADONNAs provide the latest updates of FTISLAND, spazz and joke around, make friends and enjoy just being with our fellow PRIMADONNAs. We also have LINE to communicate with each other and other international PRIMADONNAs, as we are also an active and proud member of Primadonna Worldwide (a group of FTISLAND fanclubs from different countries, aiming to unite worldwide PRIMADONNAs; Primadonna Worldwide Twitter Account:

Proximity of members? The Philippines is composed of 3 huge islands, and our PRIMADONNAs are located everywhere! Filipino PRIMADONNAs, if we all gathered together, could number in the thousands considering our group members and number of page likes. :) :)

What message would you like to give to FTISLAND fans around the world? To our fellow PRIMADONNAs, let's not be tired in giving our 100% trust and support to our beloved Treasures. We may face a lot of obstacles and rocky roads ahead but we all know that our love for FTISLAND and the love of FTISLAND for us will always prevail in the end. Let's stay always with FTISLAND, forever. ♥♥

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