Many concert promoters decided to get into the music industry because they are passionate about music. However, if you are a concert promoter and do not understand the financial side of the music business, it will be harder for you to be successful. A concert or live event can be very lucrative for you as a promoter, but you must know more about [concert/live event] budgeting the show. Typically, your profit is the money left over after deducting the costs of the show from the gross ticket sales. This is why it is very important to carefully identify and estimate what the expenses for the event will be beforehand when you are making a financial plan. Below are a list of different expenses you may have to estimate and carefully budget to promote a concert.



It is very important to find the right venue for your event. Since it may be the largest expense in your budget, many promoters try to secure a venue first. The cost of the venue will depend on its popularity, seating availability and the dates you want to book it among other things. You may be able to negotiate the cost with the venue's owner or management if their initial quote is too high.



After you have secured the venue, look around and try to estimate if you will need to rent additional equipment. Depending on the size of the venue and its accommodations, you may have to rent additional chairs, risers and staging equipment for your event.

Licenses and Permits

Depending on where the event will take place, you may need special licenses and permits. Talk with the owner or manager of the venue to find out more information.

Ushers and Safety Personnel

Security from Dynamic Duo Grand Carnival 2016 in Atlanta.

Safety is also important so you will have to include money in your budget for the people who will help your event go smoothly. This includes ushers who will help audience members get to their seat, security and EMT staff in case of emergencies.  

Sound Engineers


Some venues will have a sound engineer. However, if the venue or the talent can not provide one you may have to hire a sound engineer to be there for the concert.

Equipment Rental

You may also need to rent an instrument or different types of equipment for the show if the talent can't bring it with them for some reason. Normally you can deduct the cost from what you will end up paying the talent.


You may also need custodians or a clean up crew to make sure the venue is spotless after the event.


Next, estimate how much you will spend on marketing and advertising the event. If you pass around paper flyers or posters, add up how much it will cost to print them out. You can also use social media and Facebook ads if you want to use online marketing to spread awareness about your event.


Lunafly's final shoot before leaving Vienna.

There are two ways you can reimburse the talent. You can pay them a flat payment or offer them a percentage of the profit from ticket sales. In addition to compensating the main talent, you may have to pay one or more bands to open for them. 

Talent Accommodations

Depending on where your musicians are located, you may need to arrange for accommodations at a hotel if they are playing more than one night. Talk with the talent as soon as possible when you are planning the concert so you can determine if you will need to pay for their stay and how the musicians will reimburse you after the event.

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