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Our second Fan Club Spotlight is dedicated to a club formed to support the adorable guys of SHINee! We spoke with Jenny of SHINee USA to find out more about what she loves about SHINee, what events SHINee USA has done to show their support oceans away from Korea and of course get links to their social media so YOU can join and follow SHINee USA in hopefully bringing the group back stateside! :D

Name of fanclub: SHINee USA

Year formed: May 2015

What is your role in this fanclub (what position)? Fansite Master

Was there any special reason that led you to form this club/gave you the idea to form this club? Well for me, I came into the fan community pretty late - around the end of 2013 - and I couldn't find an active SHINee World USA group. At the time, I desperately wanted a SHINee concert in the US but didn't have a way to achieve that. So SHINee USA was born out of the love and desire to see SHINee in person and to show them how many fans they truly had here. We're still of course growing. :D :D

What do you like about SHINee? Everything! Their performance, stage presence, charisma, vocal genius, dancing ability, and passion always leave me in complete awe. They always show me something I've never seen before and their work ethic is so incredibly inspiring! (SHINee Fighting~!)


Have you ever met the group/members of the group? Not up close, but I did get to see them at their recent Fanmeet in Chicago! It was a truly magical experience~ :)

What events does your fan club do? Recently we participated with MyMusicTaste to create business cards for our campaigns that were passed out at the Korea Times Music Festival in Los Angeles, the Chicago Fanmeet, and Hallyu North in Toronto. Our MMT Project began in the fall of 2015 and we've been working steadily with other Shawol groups to make this dream a reality. In addition to those cards, we handed out about 600 aqua balloons to fans at KTMF and close to 2500 at the Chicago Fanmeet. We also volunteered with other Shawol groups in Chicago to pass out the 8th Anniversary Project Banners & Glowsticks. Currently we're preparing for SHINee's upcoming performances (July 30-31st) at K-Con LA & the Dallas Fanmeet with another banner & lightstick project!

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How do you communicate with other members in your fanclub? SHINee USA primarily shares SHINee related news and projects on Facebook & Twitter. We're also in the process right now of branching out to a Tumblr blog. Since SHINee USA is largely treated like a news source, we don't get to communicate with our fan group members very often until fan projects come up. When that happens we get the opportunity to meet some of the sweetest Shawols~! :)

Proximity of members (all from same country/city, etc)? We have many followers on our Facebook group that really come from literally all over the world. But our core base of course is our incredibly passionate USA fans who come from coast to coast!

What message would you like to give to SHINee fans around the world? SHINee fans are awesome! I was so humbled at the fanmeet by how generous and kind everyone was. It was like no one was a stranger! :D Let's keep working hard and see SHINee World V together~! ❤❤

Favorite SHINee quote? “SHINee World is the best! (샤월이 짱이야~!)” - Minho 2015 Dream Concert

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