Security guards are a key staff role for concert promoters to fill. A security professional can manage the crowd, direct traffic and make sure every concert goer is safe and has a good time during the event. Here are some reasons why you should look into hiring concert security for your upcoming event.

Why You Should Hire Concert Security


Enforce Parking Rules: An experienced security guard can safely manage the flow of traffic and direct cars to the right area to park. They can also answer any questions people may have about the event or where they should go to pick up their tickets. If you are promoting a very large concert or the event is in a densely populated area, make sure you have enough security staff to enforce your parking rules.


Manage the Crowd: Another reason you should hire concert security is to manage the large crowds of people as they approach the venue and once they are inside. Remember to have enough staff on hand to safely monitor the crowd and each entryway.


Purse Searches and Pat Downs: A quick pat down and purse search are typical security procedures, especially if there aren't any metal detectors at the venue's entrance. Remember to hire both male and female security staff so that someone of the same gender can pat down each concert goer. For example, if you know that your concert's audience members will likely be young teenage girls, you should hire more female security guards. This will prevent any potential sexual harassment claims or legal issues from coming up later.

You can also make a list of rules and items that are not prohibited on the premises, like glass or outside alcoholic drinks, and post them near the front of the entrance so concert goers are aware of the rules. Security staff are useful because they can explain in detail what is and isn’t allowed inside if people have questions and they also should be trained on how to respond when they find prohibited items during their security checks.  


Control Access to Restricted Areas:Another reason you should hire concert security is to have someone watch over the backstage or VIP area. A guard can check each person's credentials (like press badges) before they gain entry to special areas within the venue.

Remove Rowdy Concert Goers: Let's face it, no one wants to be the bad guy and force a paying customer to leave an event. However, an experienced security staff is worth their weight in gold if they know how to resolve dangerous situations and issues between patrons before they escalate. Make sure that you have a system and protocols in place for security to remove concert goers from the venue beforehand.

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