A new section of the blog that we are pretty excited about is our Fan Club Spotlight! :D :D :D  This is the time where we will introduce fan clubs from all over the world to you. Our first fan club is Taiwan-based Be With Siwon~~a club dedicated to the multi-talented and very handsome dimpled Super Junior member Siwon Choi. We spoke with fan club member Kate to find out how they started, what they've done, and their message to fellow Siwon fans. Read on to find out more about Be With Siwon! If you are part of a fan club that would like to be introduced in our blog, please contact us at support@mymusictaste.com! :)

Fan Club Name: Be With Siwon Taiwan

Year Formed: 2012

What gave you the idea to form Be With Siwon? We were hoping Siwon would visit Taiwan ever since seeing him in the drama 18.29 in 2005. When he finally came to Taiwan to shoot a drama in 2012, we formed to organize events and support to show him our love.  ❤

Be With Siwon 2
Be With Siwon 2

What do you like about Siwon? Eyes. Smile. Everything!

Have you ever met Siwon? Yes, the first time I met him was during Super Junior-M Taiwan fan meeting in 2009.

What events does your fan club do? Most of our events are centered around support, be it food support for Siwon and staff or joining with other global fan clubs for birthday fan support (subway ads, etc.). Some of the the support projects we have had in the past are:

2011 Drama "SkipBeat" food support. 2012 Drama "Fall In Love With You Again" food support. 2012 Drama "The King of Dramas" press conference basket support. 2013 SJ-M Break Down Taiwan fan meeting banner support. 2014 Movie "To the fore" filming food support. 2015 Movie "To the Fore" food support. 2015 Drama "She Was Pretty" press conference basket support. 2015 Siwon birthday support with fanbase Mr.Choi. 2015 Drama "She Was Pretty" food support with Siwon global fanbase. 2016 Siwon birthday support with fanbase THESIWONEST.

How do you communicate with other members in your fan club? Mostly through Facebook and Line

Though your fan club is based in Taiwan, are there members from other countries? Our members are based mostly in Taiwan though we have one Hong Kong member and one member from Indonesia.

What message would you like to give to Siwon fans around the world?:Wait for Siwon!  ❤ ❤

Official links to all fanclub social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/be_with_siwon Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=403808293072118&ref=bookmarks Weibo: http://weibo.com/bewithsiwon

Be With Siwon 8
Be With Siwon 8