Dear TasteMakers, unfortunately we have discovered that MAKES for some campaigns were manipulated. We will remove these manipulated MAKES from your total MAKE count.  Please do not attempt to manipulate the MAKE count.  We routinely check the validity of all data on MyMusicTaste to ensure all MAKES are real.  When we find manipulated campaigns it puts to question the integrity of the campaign and risks hurting all TasteMakers that worked so hard to push the campaign forward.  Manipulated MAKES also damages the cities' reputation in the artists eyes and can reduce the chances of that artist coming to your city.  Users associated with these manipulated accounts will be banned from our services.  We encourage you to share and invite your friends instead of attempting to manipulate the numbers.   We only do this because we want to ensure we have the best data possible so that we can bring all TasteMakers their favorite artists.  As always we appreciate all our TasteMakers and encourage you to keep making to see your favorite artist!  Thank you for continuing to work hard to make your dream come true! Sincerely,