If you're just starting out in the concert promotion industry, there's a lot of terms that can be unfamiliar to you. From petty cash to cue sheet, these terms are important for you to know. Here's our simple concert promotion business glossary to keep you in the know on all things in your industry.

People in the Business


Agent: A representative of the band that's in charge of scheduling performances.

Booker: A person who schedules or organizes events and shows at a venue.

Caterer: A person or company responsible for providing food and beverages to the band, crew, and all involved members.

Crew: Everyone that's working for you the day of the event.

(the) Door: Refers to either the booth where tickets are sold and where people enter or the person in charge of selling tickets the day of the show. You'll frequently see "doors open at 7pm" on a flyer to mean that sales and entry start at 7 p.m. Performance time can be later.

Tour manager: A person who manages the band's tour and schedule. The tour manager works for the band and travels with them.

Opener/Opening Act: A band or performer that begins a show before the main act/band. Artists either bring an opener or bookers might add a local opener to a bill.

Production manager: The person in charge of the technical aspects of the show.

Rigger: A person who "rigs" lighting or sound at a venue. Depending on your band's performance requirements, you might have to hire a rigger for an event, or work with an in-house rigger.

Runner: A person who will "run" errands the day of the event.

Planning and Event Terms


Backline: The musical equipment requirements of a band. It's usually important for international bands who might have trouble bringing large pieces of musical equipment (drums, keyboards, amps, etc.). Some venues might provide a backline for touring acts and some production/concert promotion agencies will provide the instruments as well.

Bid: An offer you make in order to book or schedule a band. A bid should include a date, time, location, and payment. These are non-binding, and can be negotiated.

Bill/Line-up: Refers to the day-of schedule/the order that bands will play.

Bonuses/overages: Extra money earned by the band due to extra revenue or ticket sales.

Buy-outs: An amount of money given to each member to pay for a meal/dinner.

Contract: When a bid is accepted by a performer or band, a contract is then offered. This will cover all details of the event, such as payment, responsibilities, important dates and times, and more. These are legally binding and only changed with the approval of both you and the band.

Comps or Complimentary Tickets: Tickets for the bands to give to their friends, family, label associates, VIPs, etc. They count towards the room capacity, but are free and not counted towards ticket sales.

House policy: The rules of a venue that bands, crew, and attendees must follow. This can include no smoking, no outside alcoholic beverages or no-alcohol policy.

Manifest: A detailed list of seating and available tickets.

Mixer: The control for lights, sound, and monitors for the band on stage. The mixer is usually run by in-house staff at the venue, and is adjusted by a production manager's tech specifics or band's requests.

Rider: A list of requests attached to a contract. Typically includes a list of foods requested by the band. These act more like "wish lists," and venues can choose which requests they can fulfill (for example, they might be able to provide dinner, but not alcoholic drinks).

Petty Cash: Money reserved for the day of a show to cover unexpected costs (ex. food, hotel rooms, repairs, etc.)

Venue: The place or facility where the performance happens. Also known as the "house."

Will-call: Refers to tickets bought in advance that will be available for pick-up at the venue at the "will-call" window or line.

This glossary is not extensive, but knowing these terms can help you sound professional and informed. As you begin booking and working with agents, bands, and venues, you'll learn as you go.

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