Inna Pie<3

Part III of our MMTREP series is dedicated to Inna! :D Inna was the selected MMTREP for EXO's Chicago show. Our staff loved the creativity and humor she showed in her submission video.  In person, Inna is full of infectious energy and HILARIOUS. I loved watching her get fans excited before the show and it was clear how much she enjoys being around people.  See below to find out all about Inna and see her video for  EXOPLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion – in Chicago! :D :) :D  

Name: Inna

Age: 19

How you came to know EXO: I watched the very first Kai teaser right when it dropped. I was feeling it, the velvety voice singing “She’s my la~~~~dy~” was too good to resist. The endless teasers also wore me down. It took until the History MV though for me to pledge my love for EXO. Ever since then, I've been an EXO-L, 4 years strong!!! EXO literally defined my teenage years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

Favorite Member: Sehun! But after the show, Suho and Xiumin though….

Other groups you like: GOT7, BTS, Big Bang, Red Velvet, f(x), Twice, SNSD

How did you come to know MMT? Facebook! I heard the (then) rumors of people trying to bring EXO to the United States and then I came across MMT on Facebook and I’m like YO THIS IS LEGIT BLESS YOU.

Short blurb about your MMTREP experience: IT WAS LIT OMG! I am so so so grateful for this experience! It was absolutely amazing and I got to meet so many amazing people and not to mention get a ticket to the show wowowowow! I was able to live my dream of being a pseudo-celebrity and for that I am so thankful LOL.

If you want to follow Inna, find her on Instagram here:

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