New to MyMusicTaste or returning for the first time since our V2 launch and totally confused about how to MAKE? This guide will show you how quick (and easy) it is! :D :D  


1. Go to 2. Input your favorite artist name at either of the places indicated by the red arrows and click enter! You can enter in the city of your choice here or wait for the next window and select CHANGE MY CITY to input your city. For guide purposes, we have used one of our personal favorite groups, TVXQ ❤


3. Once the city page for the artist is displayed, click the green MAKE button!


4. Click the green ADD button!


5. This is the screen that will appear.


6. Select your country from the drop down menu, then add your mobile number and click SEND VERIFICATION CODE


7. Once you receive your verification code, enter it in the space above and click the green CONFIRM button


8. Once your phone number has been confirmed, go back to the search bar and input your artist name once again!


9. Click the green MAKE button!


10. Click the ticket type you are interested in (this information is just so we can gauge interest. You can change this selection later if you wish)! :) 11. If you do not feel like adding a credit card at this time, select I’LL ADD THIS LATER 12. Press the green CONTINUE button


13. YAYYY!!! You are now a TasteMaker of the artists show in your city!!! Click CONTINUE to return to the artist page and complete daily missions, invite your friends and more!


14. Aren’t they so handsome?! *sigh*