Calling all Hong Kong iKONICS!!! In celebration of iKON's SHOWTIME TOUR stop in Hong Kong, MyMusicTaste has received tickets to give especially to our users! To enter: 1. Register on MyMusicTaste 2. MAKE your favorite artists show (aside from iKON since they are already coming!) 3. Provide us with the name or email address used to register for your account using the google form 4. That's it! You are now entered to win tickets to iKON's show! :) :D :)

呼叫全香港的iKONICS!!為了慶祝iKON演唱會SHOWTIME TOUR 香港站的举行,MyMusicTaste带来演唱会门票免费送的独家福利活動! 活動規則: 1. 在www.mymusictaste.com註冊帳號 2. 找到你最喜愛的明星藝人點擊MAKE (除了iKON,因為他們已經確定去香港了!) 3. 请在Google Doc输入你在MyMusicTaste註冊時使用的姓名和郵箱信息 4. 完成以上三個步驟就可以參加這次的演唱會門票贈送的抽獎活動啦,就是這麼簡單!

iKON Hong Kong

Contest Time: 4/27-5/4 Winners Announced: 5/4 MyMusicTaste will pick two winners (who will each be given two tickets) to iKON's show on May 7, 2016, at Asia World Expo Arena. Winners will be contacted with further information on how to pick up tickets.

Good luck!! :D

活動時間: 4/27-5/4 開獎日期: 5/4 MyMusicTaste會選出2個幸運的iKONICS名額(每個獲獎名額可獲得兩張演唱會門票).即中獎者可以帶上朋友一起去看2016年5月7號iKON在香港亞洲國際博覽館舉辦的演唱會.中獎的取票信息我們會有專人於您聯繫.請快來參加我們的活動吧!