Sweet Tina!

As many of you may remember, MyMusicTaste launched a fan contest MMTREP, where fan representatives from each city of EXO's North America tour were chosen to interact with fans and share their experience of the concert with fellow fans.

This idea came about because we truly wanted to create a journey from beginning to end that was shared with the fans who helped us make EXO's first North America tour so unforgettable. The reaction to the contest was one of great excitement and we received so many submissions that reflected how diverse and creative (and hilarious :D ) EXO's fanbase is. :)

We were so lucky to have our MMTREP's throughout the tour. They were so happy to represent their city and you can see the hard work and effort put in by each rep throughout the day of the show and in their videos that we will be sharing with you. Our first rep (in no particular order) is TINA, who we fell in love with when first seeing her submission for Los Angeles.  We saw how sweet and earnest she was in her submission (and in person as well). So, without further ado, here's a bit about Tina as well as her experience video for EXOPLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion - in LOS ANGELES!! :D :D

Name: Tina Zuo

Age: 18

How you came to know EXO: I have been following and loving Kpop since 2009 when I first got introduced to it, but fell out of it ironically around 2012 after EXO came out with their debut single, MAMA. I still listened to Kpop here and there but wasn't that into it anymore (aka stanning groups, watching music shows, watching kdramas and variety shows...etc.). I knew of EXO before I got back into Kpop though, because my friends had their posters hanging in their rooms and I remember always thinking, "Wow, those are some really charming and attractive guys!" Fast forward to summer of 2015 when I was casually browsing YouTube and stumbled upon EXO's "Overdose" music video...and it was all downhill from that point!! Or uphill? Who knows. (What really did it for me was blonde Suho though. He looked so good with it that I went platinum blonde for a while too... *hides from embarrassment*)

Favorite Member: Chen!!!!!!! (and Suho lol :P)

Other groups you like: Shinee, f(x), Mamamoo, Monsta X, Got7, Ikon, Twice, Infinite, Sistar, Seventeen, Big Bang, After School, UNIQ, Crush, Dean, Red Velvet, Lee Hi

How did you come to know MMT: from the EXO concert!

Short blurb about your MMTREP experience: Busy and exciting (and sweaty)!!!! The staff were all super chill and pleasant to work with.

If you want to follow Tina, find her on Instagram at tqhz_

[embed width="123" height="456"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At7MmFA_mRo[/embed]