Spring is here, along with MyMusicTaste’s new look and features! 

You probably already know this, but we launched MyMusicTaste v2.0 about two weeks ago.  We wanted to give our users some time to play around with the new platform before we delved into all the changes. And now, after reading all your feedback and talking with some of our users, we wanted to clarify some of the big changes that happen with the upgrade!

New Design The most obvious change of them all! After years of the same design, MyMusicTaste finally got a makeover!! Hopefully, our users will find the new site easier to navigate and to make. Here are some quick links -

Check out all of our past events here!

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ

Campaign Dashboard to easily see all your MAKES

Daily Missions, Points, and Leaderboard

We now have Daily Missions which give you points to move up the Leaderboard!

Daily Missions


There are  Daily Missions you have to complete for the campaign to move forward.  In the example to the left, 30 TasteMakers must complete that mission in 24 hours in order for it to count toward the total quota.  After completing Daily Missions, you earn points which help you move up the leaderboard.

Leaderboard & Points


We have a leaderboard which ranks everyone that has MADE the campaign.  The leaderboard ranks you based on the points you've earned by completing Daily Missions and for sharing the campaign.  The top 10 people on the leaderboard can receive special perks (in the past it's been rehearsal access,  exclusive merchandise, signed CDs, etc).

Invite and Points

Invite your friends

Above the leaderboard you will see a Invite box.  You can invite your friends here and receive points when they make through your link!

Phone verification

We've made credit cards optional in our latest update!  When you click MAKE you will now be directed to verify your phone number.  After verifying your phone number, go back to the main page and search for your artist to MAKE it!

Phone Verification

Green Stage Unlike version 1, when a campaign hits the Green Stage, the concert is confirmed! TasteMakers will have access to their tickets at a discounted rate before they go on sale on a third party ticketing site.

Progress Reset Now, to answer everyone’s burning question about the progress reset...After days of endless discussions and more than 100 cans of Red Bull, our team made the difficult decision to reset all the campaigns to the Gray Stage. One of the main reasons for this change was that our data was not as accurate as it should be due to inflated number of makes. A worst case scenario we would like to avoid is an artist visiting a city, but leaving with a bad impression because the turnout wasn’t what he/she was expecting. We would like to avoid this situation by trying to present accurate data to artists and continue putting out concerts for fans around the world. While we love to see fans working together, it is important that we have clean and reliable data, especially with so many artists reaching out to us to make data-based decisions in selecting their tour stops.

Follower to Make Convert

But remember! All your progress isn’t completely lost. Once you add your mobile number, go here and click make to update your status!

* * * 

MyMusicTaste is constantly changing and evolving to provide music fans around the world the chance to see their favorite artists in their city. So keep the feedback coming, and let’s keep making MyMusicTaste better together!  

Team MyMusicTaste