Hello, CIX

Hello, CIX

Hey, TasteMakers! Our Artist of the Week is CIX, the charismatic boy group who blew us all away with their thrilling debut in July.


Although it’s only been a few months since their debut, C9 Entertainment’s CIX (Complete in X) have already made waves in K-Pop and captured the hearts of fans all around the world. Take one listen through their debut EP and it’s easy to see why they’ve been slapped with the “Rookie of the Year” label already - the solid production, versatile sounds, and enormous attention to detail that went into HELLO Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger perfectly captures the group’s enigmatic energy and has made for one of the most memorable debuts of the year.

Introducing the sounds of HELLO Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger:

What You Wanted

⚠️ Warning! ⚠️ This is a dangerous(ly addictive) track for those with an affinity for 90’s boy band vibes. With its display of smooth vocals, mesmerizing rapping and addictive trap beat drop, the sleek, brooding track is the perfect opening to help ease you into the rest of the solid tracklist. “What You Wanted” definitely gave us what we wanted from this EP.

Movie Star

“Movie Star” is the glossy title track of HELLO Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger - once again, we’re blessed with a sultry and dynamic track brought to you by some insanely smooth production and vocal work. We’re addicted to a lot of things about “Movie Star”; the soft sound of the camera flash going off, the impossibly catchy hook that makes us feel like the leading star in a film noir, and slick choreography that captures the chicness of the song perfectly. Check out some of CIX’s “Movie Star” performances below!

Like It That Way

We’re swung into a completely different vibe with “Like It That Way”, which features a relaxed reggae beat and fun, breezy hook that automatically has us swaying to the groove. This slow-burning yet upbeat track makes us think of palm trees, pina coladas and dancing on the beach without a care in the world.🌴💃


“Imagine” is a perfect encapsulation of a night out dancing with great company and good vibes all around. We feel that this upbeat dance track best exemplifies the fun, brighter side of CIX while also showing off their versatility; with its energetic disco influences and distinctly funky beats, “Imagine” is the earworm we refuse to take off repeat. As Yonghee croons - “this is where it’s at”!

The One

CIX provides a climactic ending to their hype-worthy album with “The One”. This R&B track is uplifting off the bat, featuring an energetic beat, sweet melody, and touching lyrics in what we can only describe as a very wholesome bop.

👈 Watch CIX perform “The One” live at their debut showcase here!

👂Listen to all the tracks from their breakthrough EP below👇

Can you “Imagine” seeing/hearing these amazing tunes being performed live? 😍 MAKE for CIX now to bring them to your city!



Movie Star Roller Coaster Dance 🔽

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Glow Up with EVERGLOW: Our Power Rookie Queens

Glow Up with EVERGLOW: Our Power Rookie Queens

Happy Sunday, TasteMakers! Can you believe it’s already October? Looking back on the past year, it seems we’ve definitely been blessed with a never-ending stream of talented new groups to stan. It’s almost difficult to keep track of all the amazing groups that have recently debuted, but one rookie girl group has stood out to us in particular with their undeniable talents, stunning visuals, and fierce charisma. Our Artist of the Week is EVERGLOW!


Yue Hua Entertainment’s latest girl group consists of members E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren. Their debut in March earlier this year left a stunning impression on international fans as they dominated charts worldwide. Their debut single "Bon Bon Chocolat" topped the iTunes K-pop singles charts in 19 different countries while also debuting on the Billboard charts. Since then, each single they’ve released has also entered the Top 10 of Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart - an incredible feat for a rookie group! ✊

This week, we take a look at what makes EVERGLOW our power rookie girl group of the year:

EVERGLOW: Performance Queens


It’s been clear even from their pre-debut days that EVERGLOW are top tier performers who were born with star power. The release of their dance cover videos pre-debut quickly caught the attention of future fans as their skills cemented their status as a rising group to watch.

In each of their performances, EVERGLOW have oozed charisma with their sleek, flashy movements and dominating stage presence. Put together with their strong, unique choreographies and amazing group synergy, we can’t seem to take our eyes off them 😍 Check out their live performance of “Adios” at the EVERGLOW SHOWCASE below. For those of us who can barely walk in sky-high heels, it’s mind-blowing to watch the girls dancing so flawlessly and effortlessly in them.

EVERGLOW: The group with Striking visuals


Watching EVERGLOW perform is like being constantly tasered because they’ve left us ⚡STUNNED ⚡by their amazing visuals. Along with possessing their own remarkable skills and talents, every single member is also breathtakingly beautiful in their own unique way. EVERGLOW’s collectively charismatic and charming visuals give the group a magnetic allure and that ‘It-group’ factor. With visuals to match some of the biggest girl groups out there, we’re excited to see which concepts they’ll continue to pull off in the future. All eyes on EVERGLOW! 👀

EVERGLOW: Concept Killers

Speaking of concepts, we always love a powerful girl group, and EVERGLOW have constantly served us anthems of ambition, strength, and empowerment through their music and performances. Just take a look at their debut single “Bon Bon Chocolat” and DKDTV’s interpretation of the track below:

Through the electronic / hip-hop inspired sounds of “Bon Bon Chocolat”, to the mystical, uplifting vibes given off by “Hush” and the hard-hitting, military-esque beats of “Adios”, EVERGLOW have consistently brought us strong concepts that have resonated with fans all over the world. The demonstrated diversity and power within their music and various concepts have us eagerly awaiting EVERGLOW’s next chapter.

Are you ready to join the EVERGLOW fandom? Which song or performance is your '“Forever” favorite?

MAKE EVERGLOW now to bring them to your city! 🌟

🔻More EVERGLOW to glow up your life🔻

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An Explosion of October Comebacks

An Explosion of October Comebacks

Welcome to October, TasteMakers! As the colder days loom ahead of us, it’s time to sit back with a hot cup of tea and get cozy in anticipation of this month’s stellar K-pop lineup.

We have an exceptionally explosive lineup of comebacks to look forward to this month featuring some of the hottest solo acts, the long-awaited return of an iconic group, an unexpected but most welcome collaboration, and some of the biggest boy groups in the industry 🤯

Here are some upcoming acts you’ll definitely want to mark on your calendar:

October 1

Chen (EXO)

EXO’s Chen makes his comeback with the release of his second mini-album Dear my dear. Brace yourselves for some sentimental ballads that are guaranteed to keep you warm this month - listen to the album highlight medley and title track “Shall We” below:

October 2

Jeong Sewoon

Starship Entertainment’s Jeong Sewoon has made his first solo comeback with the release of his mini-album Day. His soft tunes are the perfect accompaniment to a rainy day - listen to title track “When It Rains” and get ready for emotions to run wild.

October 3

Chungha x Rich Brian

It’s the collaboration we didn’t see coming but the one we all needed; soloist Chungha and 88 Rising rapper Rich Brian have finally dropped their single “These Nights” to everyone’s delight. The smooth track has us reminiscing about sunsets, late night drives, and hot 80’s vibes. Guess who’s been smashing the replay button? 🙋 If you haven’t already, watch the music video for “These Nights” below! 👇

October 4


SM Entertainment’s latest boy group is set to debut with their first mini-album today! Featuring SM superstars Taemin, Baekhyun, Kai, Lucas, Mark, Taeyoung, and Ten as members of the group, we’re super excited for this drop. Judging from the teaser for the title track “Jopping”, we suspect you will be too!



Block B’s B-BOMB also makes his return with the release of his solo single “Finale”. If you haven’t already, make sure you listen to the preview of the track below - we’re already in love with the cool, nostalgic vibes given off by the rock instrumentals. Catch the release of “Finale” at 6:00 PM KST tonight 💣


October 7


They’ve recently wowed fans with their collaboration with Lizzo - now, AB6IX is gearing up for their first comeback with the release of their full album 6IXENSE. Check out the album track list and teaser schedule below!

ab6ix6 tracklist.jpeg

Paul Kim

Singer-songwriter Paul Kim is also set to return on this date with a full album that is sure to warm our hearts this autumn. The release of Heart, One will mark his first new album release in 2 years. We’re listening to Hotel del Luna OST track “So Long” in preparation of what is sure to be another chart-killing release - check it out below!


October 8


ATINY everywhere are screaming because ATEEZ IS BACK! 🙌 Our favorite monster rookies return to close up their Treasure series with the release of their 1st Full Album TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action. We personally can’t wait for this release as the teaser pictures and videos have had us collectively shook for this past week.


Remember that you can still pre-order the album here to receive an MMT-exclusive photo card!*

* While stocks last

October 9

Stray Kids

While we’re still riding out the concert high from their latest world tour, Stray Kids are back to please Stays worldwide with the drop of their new single “Double Knot”. We’re already sure that “Double Knot”, which was co-composed and written by members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, will be a straight banger. Their highly anticipated digital single will be released on October 9; in the meantime, check out the intense music video teaser below!

October 11


The former B.A.P member is finally making his long-awaited comeback! Daehyun will be releasing his first single album “Aight” on October 11. Stay tuned for the music video, which will be released at 12:00 PM KST.


October 13


It-girl Heize is making a comeback with her fifth mini-album on October 13. Titled “만추” (Late Autumn), we’re already excited for the major autumn vibes we’re bound to get from this album.


October 14

Super Junior

The OG icons of K-pop return with their ninth full length album Time_Slip on October 14. We’re super keen for this release as it will be the first to feature all nine active members after the completion of their military enlistment! You can listen to featured tracks “The Crown” and “Somebody New” below as we get ready for their much-anticipated return!



BTOB’s Hyunsik will also be making his comeback with the release of his first solo album RENDEZ-VOUS. The talented vocalist is said to have participated in the songwriting and composing for the title track - more details will be released as October 14 draws near. In the meantime, you can listen to his self-composed solo track “SWIMMING” to prepare yourself for his soulful vocal prowess.


October 15


N.Flying is also joining the October comeback lineup with their 6th mini-album Yaho (夜好). The album, which features title track “Good Bam” (written and composed by N.Flying leader Seunghyub, by the way!), will drop on October 15 at 6 PM KST. Check out the full track list below 👇


October 21


Pledis Entertainment has confirmed that NU’EST will make their comeback with the release of a new album on October 21. Watch the stunning pre-trailer below - is this a new chapter for NU’EST?


TOMORROW X TOGETHER a.k.a. TXT also return with their first full album The Dream Chapter: Magic on this date. TXT have already drawn a huge interest with hits like “Crown” and “Cat & Dog”, so we’re excited and curious to see what the BigHit boys bring us next. If you haven’t already, watch the mesmerizing concept trailer below ✨

October 22


MyDays, rejoice! We’ve been seeing mysterious advertisements featuring the band’s logo along with this date pop up in subways all across the country, and now their comeback has been confirmed 🙌 Day6 will be dropping a brand new album on October 22. Stay tuned for more details!


October 28


MONSTA X has also confirmed their comeback with the release of their mini-album Follow: Find You. You can “Follow” their comeback with the teaser scheduler below, which shows that we’re in for a treat all throughout this month in the lead up to October 28. Monbebe, mark the dates 🖊👀



WINNER | Brown Eyed Girls | Taeyeon | IU


*This comeback list is not inclusive of all October comebacks and debuts. All images, gifs, and videos are copyright to their respective owners.

The Kang Daniel Effect: Interview with an MMT DANITY

The Kang Daniel Effect: Interview with an MMT DANITY

“What Are You Up To”, TasteMakers? Our Artist of the Week is Kang Daniel!


Kang Daniel became a household name when he first appeared on season 2 of Mnet’s reality audition program Produce 101. With his boy-next-door charms and powerful performances, he quickly attracted the attention of fans all over the world, eventually finishing in first place during the final ranking.

After his breakthrough success as the center of boy group Wanna One, Kang Daniel finally made his much-anticipated solo debut in July earlier this year. With his effervescent personality, strong duality and versatile skills on the stage, it’s no wonder his popularity spans across all generations and genders 🌟

It turns out we have our very own DANITY within the MMT office - this week, we interviewed our UX designer Allison about her favorite artist. Why is Kang Daniel so popular? What is he like in person? What animal does he resemble? 🤔 Allison answers all the important questions and gives her personal insight into what Kang Daniel means to her - check it out below:

Q. When was the moment you first became a fan of Kang Daniel?

Allison: When he first appeared on Produce 101, it was his pink hair and lovely smile that stood out to me. Then, I thought he was especially cool when he finished learning the choreography for “Pick Me” and started teaching the other trainees the dance. Ultimately, it was when he performed “Sorry Sorry” on the show that he became my absolute one pick! 😍

In your opinion, what is especially charming about Kang Daniel? Why do you think he is so popular?

Although he has too many charming features to choose from, I think it’s his smile. When you see Daniel's smile, your mood is instantly lifted! I also think Daniel’s own unique character, duality, considerate personality, and stunning dancing skills are some of the reasons he is so popular (Daniel has previously said that when he dances, he thinks about how the choreography matches the lyrics and tries to tell a story through his moves).

Have you ever seen Kang Daniel in person? If so, what was your impression of him?

I’ve seen him from right in front of the stage at his concert. I thought his smile was mesmerizing, his dancing was so elegant and beautiful, and that his legs were really long!

What are your top 3 Kang Daniel songs and why?

“What Are You Up To”, “Horizon”, and “I Hope”. I love that I get to see all the different sides to Daniel in the music videos for these songs. As he endured some hardships before the release of his solo album, I also feel that the lyrics for these tracks all have deeper meanings attached to them and express his feelings and emotions. For these reasons, I found these songs especially relatable.

What is your favorite Kang Daniel performance?

His debut showcase performance was incredibly moving; he had pushed through difficult times to be able to finally come out on stage as a solo act 😭

If you had to describe Kang Daniel as an animal, what animal would he be and why?

A Samoyed. Kang puppy… no further explanation is needed 😂

As a DANITY, what is your favorite thing about Kang Daniel?
They way he is always so thoughtful and considerate of his fans! 😍

If Kang Daniel came to the MMT office, what would be your reaction?

I think my legs would give out the moment I see Daniel.. but I still hope he would come to my desk 🙏


If you could meet Kang Daniel, what is something you’d like to say to him?

Daniel~ “What Are You Up To” today?

Allison’s recommended picks to send you down the Kang Daniel rabbit hole:

Do we have any fellow DANITY out there? 🙋🙋🙋 What’s your story? How did you get to know and love Kang Daniel?

👇 MAKE for Kang Daniel to bring him to your city now! 👇

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Jorja Smith: The Rising Queen of Soul

Jorja Smith: The Rising Queen of Soul

It’s time to add another R&B superstar to your playlists, TasteMakers! Our Artist of the Week is the fast-rising modern day Queen of Soul music: Jorja Smith.


The British singer-songwriter has quickly captured the hearts of listeners around the world with her soulful vocals and poignant lyrics. Her vocal prowess was first discovered on YouTube after which she was scouted at the age of 15. At just 18, the emerging star was lauded by major artists Drake, Skrillex, and Stormzy after the self-release of her debut hit “Blue Lights” on SoundCloud.

Now, at the tender age of 22, she’s already got two Brit Awards under her belt along with countless collaborations with fellow industry giants (including the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, Khalid, and Drake) as she continues to create timeless music.

This week, we take a look at Jorja Smith’s soulful progression through her album discography:

Project 11 (2016)


Project 11 was the first EP to be released by Jorja Smith in 2016 when she was just 18 years old. The five-track compilation is raw, vulnerable, and refreshingly intimate as Smith recounts her personal experiences with heartbreak, independence, and growth. This soulfully crafted debut cemented Smith’s status as an artist to watch within the UK R&B scene. There’s “Something In The Way” she delivers her music that makes our hearts quake - listen to the live performance of the highlight track here:

On My Mind (feat. Preditah) (2017)

Smith released this hit single with grime artist Preditah a few months after the debut of Project 11, and we haven’t been able to get “On My Mind” off our minds since. She makes the sonic transition from her soulful balladry to this upbeat UK garage dance track with perfect elegance, showing off her versatility and taking the UK music scene by storm.


Lost & Found (2018)

Jorja Smith_ Lost & Found.jpg

Lost & Found is a treasure box that is the culmination of Smith’s work over a five-year period. Her debut album is filled with gems she had been writing from the ages of 16 to 21. Once again, Smith’s music is brashly honest and unapologetically her. She invites listeners to join her in her journey to discover herself and her place within this world in the form of audio bliss; Smith tackles a range of subjects such as love, youth, and social issues with so much heart and soul in this coming-of-age album that we’re left with a lump in our throats.

Lost & Found contains a goldmine of perfect tracks and it’s difficult to single out our top picks, but we recommend you start out with “Teenage Fantasy”, “The One”, “Lifeboats (Freestyle)”, and of course, her breakout track “Blue Lights”. Listen to the tunes and some of their amazing live renditions below 💎

Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy) (2019)

We come full circle to Smith’s latest single, where she teams up with Burna Boy for a 🔥🔥🔥 collaboration. Released just last month, the track features more of her sultry, honey-smooth vocals paired with reggaeton beats and tropical vibes. We KNOW summer is long gone, but can you blame us for wanting to keep this on repeat a little longer? The release of her first new single since Lost & Found keeps us on our toes in anticipation of Smith’s next steps!


In case you couldn’t tell, this Queen of Soul has conquered our hearts 👑 💖

💥 MAKE for Jorja Smith to bring this vocal powerhouse to your city now! 💥

🔽 Jorja Smith live at NPR Music 🔽

🔽 Jorja Smith covers Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly” 🔽

All the Colors of IZ*ONE

All the Colors of IZ*ONE

Hey, TasteMakers! Our Artist of the Week is IZ*ONE, a colorful group of 12 talented performers 🌸


The members consist of the top 12 contestants from reality competition show Produce 48. As the girls emerged victorious from a total of 96 contestants (the majority of whom came from top Japanese and Korean entertainment companies), you can be sure that they are a group of all-rounders to watch 🔥

Besides their hype-worthy talents and stunning, out-of-this-world visuals, we love that IZ*ONE have been able to showcase so many of their different colors in the short amount of time since their debut in 2018. We’ve been all for the girls serving us many different looks, moods and themes through their music; so this week , we’ve decided to pair some of the colors we feel best represent the group with our favorite IZ*ONE hits.

Let’s take a look at the different colors of IZ*ONE:



Red symbolizes strength, determination, passion, and love, all of which is perfectly encapsulated by “La Vie En Rose”. Did you know they broke the record for the most watched debut music video by any K-pop group in the first 24 hours with this music video? “La Vie En Rose” represents IZ*ONE’s fiery passion for performing and love for their fans; we can’t help but feel inspired with them as they sing of shining on the stage, ruby-like sparking eyes and hearts burning red 🌹



Have you seen anyone pull off this color so beautifully? 💜 Purple is the color of royalty, extravagance, and mystery - all things majestic and mystical! We think “Violeta”, the title track from their 2nd mini-album, HEARTIZ, is the perfect representation of IZ*ONE’s grand and magnificent demeanor. Inspired by the story of “The Happy Prince”, “Violeta” sends a meaningful message of hope, encouraging fans to realize the value of their existence. A most regal message, we say!



Say “Hey. Bae. Like. It” out loud quickly five times. It sounds a lot like 해바라기 (Haebaragi), which is the word for ‘sunflower’ in Korean! The color yellow is associated with joy, excitement, and energy, all of which we feel to our core when we listen to this bright, feel-good bop. Listen to “Hey. Bae. Like. It” on a breezy summer’s day at the park while riding your bike. It’s sunshine and happy vibes all around! 🌻



To us, the color blue is serene, thoughtful, and contemplative. “Memory” is a sombre yet uplifting ballad which showcases all these characteristics. The track, which features soulful, melodic vocals, takes us on a reflective journey as the members of IZ*ONE contemplate their past hardships and how it has brought them to where they are now. Blue also represents harmony, which “Memory” depicts perfectly as IZ*ONE have emerged from their difficulties together in unity.

What other colors do you think represent IZ*ONE, TasteMakers? Which is your favorite?

🌠 Don’t forget to MAKE for IZ*ONE to see their colors shine in your city! 🌠

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September Comebacks to Spice Up Your Autumn

September Comebacks to Spice Up Your Autumn

Welcome to September, TasteMakers! The new season brings us crunchy autumn leaves, cozy knits, pumpkin spice lattes and a big gust of comebacks to look forward to throughout the month. Can you feel it in the air? 🍂🎃☕️🌬

Brace yourselves for some exciting comebacks to spice up your autumn:

September 3

Simon Dominic

September starts off with a bang! For all the k-hip hop fans out there, AOMG artist Simon Dominic will be introducing a new single on September 3 at 6:00 PM KST. The tune is set to be released just weeks after the release of his latest songs “DAx4” and “Make Her Dance” featuring Loopy and Crush.


September 4


Rookie group VANNER will be making their first comeback since their debut in February. They will be releasing their first single album 5cean : V on September 4 - check out the track list below! 👇


September 5


Soulful ballad singer Kassy will be making a comeback with her second mini-album "Rewind" on September 5. The album teaser features a harmony of breezy acoustics and soft guitar instrumentals - brace yourselves for a series of perfect autumn bops.


September 6



CLC will be returning on September 6 with the release of their digital single “Devil”. They’ve been releasing a series of lyrical teasers against some wonderfully ominous, retro-style shots.

Featuring brooding lyrics such as “I can become something worse than you can imagine”,You will cry and beg later and I won’t bat an eye”, and “Your tricks aren’t working anymore, you’ve already crossed the line”, we’re hyped for yet another creative and intriguing concept from the girls!

What do you think these lyrics mean? 🤔

September 9



FTISLAND will be releasing a new mini-album titled Zapping this month in their first comeback as a four member group. In sad news for Primadonnas, this will also be their last album before main vocalist Lee Hongki enlists in the South Korean military. Watch as Hongki belts out the title track “QUIT” with his incredibly powerful vocals live in the teaser video here:

September 10


Our favorite indie-pop duo is back! Catch the release of their new mini-album Two Five on September 10, 6:00 PM KST.


September 16


The 13-member group thrilled us with the release of their single “HIT” just last month, giving Carats a generous taste of what’s to come. SEVENTEEN will be releasing their 3rd original album titled An Ode on September 16. Check out the hypnotizing comeback trailer below!

September 19



LABOUM will be showcasing their first full album Two Of Us on September 19, which will be their first original album released since their debut five years ago. Did you know that all members participated in the production of this album? Check out their comeback schedule below and stay tuned! 🌹


September 30



TO MOON, rejoice! We finish the month off with ONEUS as the RBW group releases their 3rd mini-album. After the release of their 2nd EP back in May, we’re stoked to hear that the boys will be returning with what seems to be a celestial, space-themed concept so soon. Take a peek at the come back schedule and teaser clip below!

1566900792-20190827-oneus (1).jpg




*This comeback list is not inclusive of all September comebacks and debuts. All images, gifs and videos are copyright to their respective owners.

Dreaming of 1TEAM

Dreaming of 1TEAM

Welcome to September, TasteMakers! The arrival of autumn has us dreaming of a most lively and charismatic group bursting with talent. We’re excited to introduce you to Our Artist of the Week: 1TEAM.

Introducing 1TEAM

The five member group hailing from Liveworks Company debuted earlier this year in March. You may already be familiar with some of the members who featured on survival audition programs MIXNINE and Boys24.


The name “1TEAM” carries the meaning that different members can come together with their own unique characteristics and form one (amazingly talented and unified) team. These members consist of Rubin (Leader and vocalist), BC (rapper and vocalist), Jin Woo (vocalist), Je Hyun (vocalist), and Jung Hoon (rapper).

Have you met the members of 1TEAM yet?

For those of you who are new to the TEAM ONE fandom, here are our top 3 reasons to stan 1TEAM:


Catchy, quirky and versatile are the words that immediately come to mind when we listen to the music of 1TEAM. From showing off smooth R&B sounds in “Vibe”, to the fast-paced, bass-heavy sounds (+ some noteworthy rapping courtesy of BC and Jung Hoon) of “Countdown” and the upbeat, summery vibes given off by “Rolling Rolling”; their ability to navigate across a range of genres (and sounding SO GOOD doing it!) showcases their capability and talent as musicians.

Speaking of music…


We didn’t think it was possible, but we fell even deeper in love with 1TEAM’s tracks once we found out member BC was directly involved in their creation. We STAN TALENT! 🙌 Did you know that he penned all three tracks for 1TEAM’s debut mini-album “Hello!”?

You can listen to “Bout U”, a tune both written and composed by ya boi BC, below!


Right off the bat, it’s clear from their sleek coordination and powerful moves that the members of 1TEAM were born performers. All five members are absolutely center-worthy dancers, and their effortless dancing and captivating choreographies have us struggling to pick our jaws back up from the floor 🤤

Are you on team 1TEAM yet? MAKE for 1TEAM below to experience their effortlessly cool ‘Vibe’ in your city live! 👇👇👇

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#MMTSummerPlaylist Winning Scenarios!

#MMTSummerPlaylist Winning Scenarios!

🏖️ Earlier this month, we asked you to participate in our #MMTSummerPlaylist Giveaway by sharing a KPOP song and your creative scenario that fits the KPOP song. Now, it’s time to check out the winning tweets! 🌞




We were super lucky to attend DAY6’s Seoul concerts a few weeks ago… and we’re convinced of two things… 1) that there are no bad songs in DAY6’s discography and 2) DAY6 eats their own CDs for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. For their winning scenarios, @day6ish and @audiwithluv’s scenarios will receive DAY6 Youth tour photo card sets.



The second artist of our giveaway was our beloved (SoFine9) SF9 heartthrobs! 💘 These four winners will receive a signed SF9 US tour poster in the mail.



@scarletmoki sent us a pretty relatable scenario for Dreamcatcher’s “And There Was No One Left.” We’ve all been here before…right? 🤔



💣 Both winning scenarios for the KARD prizes were related to “BOMB BOMB” 💣



@baemngi won the coveted signed ATEEZ TREASURE EP.3 album with her UTOPIA self-made music video! Check it out below👇


The Rose

@_Jiminsjimjams took us camping with her “Insomnia” scenario! The imaginary combination of The Rose’s sweet voices and harmonization + the sound of summer rain = instantly lulled us to sleep.



@C3PYOJl gave us a totally cool and badass post-apocalyptic scenario to Zico’s “Bermuda Triangle.”


Stray Kids

@sleepychimmy had us crackling at our computers with this on-point biology x Stray Kids scenario. This strangely similar comparison won her a signed Stray Kids tour T-shirt!


To everyone who participated in our giveaway: thank you all so much again for your responses!

Stay tuned and follow our socials for more giveaways and prizes in the future.


All images, gifs and videos are copyright to their respective owners.

Sunday Jazz with Kamasi Washington

Sunday Jazz with Kamasi Washington

Hey TasteMakers! 👋

It’s our favorite day of the week (after Friday, of course), and nothing sets the mood for a lazy Sunday like some wholesome jazz music! We have the perfect offering for your Sunday soundtrack: our Artist of the Week, Kamasi Washington.


Kamasi Washington first picked up the saxophone when he was 13 years old, and has been making waves in the jazz music scene ever since. The Los Angeles-based artist is now a celebrated tenor saxophonist, composer and band leader that has been described as one of the most exciting new figures in jazz. His music has been lauded for delving into and incorporating a stunning mix of diverse genres including funk, soul, hip-hop and electronic music.

Washington has also worked with a slew of industry legends such as Lauryn Hill, Herbie Hancock, John Legend, Nas, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar, boasting some amazing collaborations in his name. Did you know that Kamasi Washington was the mastermind who helped craft Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed album, To Pimp A Butterfly?

Washington’s latest album, Heaven and Earth, is like that perfect cup of coffee on a Sunday morning - rich, bold, and full of flavor; it’s undoubtedly the perfect soundtrack to jazz up your Sunday.

Here are three of our essential Sunday jazz picks from the album:

1. Street Fighter Mas

“Street Fighter Mas” is as much a treat for our eyes as it is for our ears. The intriguing music video follows Washington as he prepares himself to take on fellow video game players in a grand showdown. The sultry sound of the sax and dramatic vocals make for a most charismatic piece which will have you feeling like you’re in a Tarantino movie. Play “Street Fighter Mas” as you’re getting ready in the morning - we guarantee it will have you geared up to face the day.

Check out Washington’s live performance of “Street Fighter Mas” at Glastonbury 2019:

2. Hub Tones

“Hub-Tones” is a cover of legendary jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard’s 1963 tune of the same name. For this unique, jazz-fusion piece, Washington claims: “I was trying to connect to my ancestors by connecting African rhythms with a Freddie Hubbard tune which gave me that connection in a different way.” We’re in love with the hypnotizing music video which is a beautiful accompaniment to the rhythmic, trance-like piece itself. This vivacious track is great to listen to as you go about your day.

You can listen to the original Freddie Hubbard piece here:

3. The Space Travelers Lullaby

At the end of the day, it’s time to kick back with “The Space Travelers Lullaby”. This whimsical and grandiose tune encapsulates everything we love about Washington and how his music is pushing jazz forward. Listening to this ethereal instrumental piece feels like we have the ability to stop time, fly up into the galaxy and float along in space - it’s all we need to ensure we’re relaxed and in top shape to start the new week afresh. Listen to the stunning live rendition of the full piece below 👇👇👇

What’s your Sunday jazz pick, TasteMakers? Be sure to MAKE for this jazz sensation to see him live in your city!

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