Best Of: The Jonas Brothers

Best Of: The Jonas Brothers

Our Artist of the Week is none other than my teenage loves, The Jonas Brothers. (Throwback to my Mrs. Nick Jonas days…. *le sigh)



Hey TasteMakers!

Get to know HNB! The band will debut soon under a new name.

You can NAME THE BAND! Survey opens March 18, 11 PM KST.

Top 3 (G)-IDLE B-Sides

Top 3 (G)-IDLE B-Sides

In honor of our multitalented princess’ comeback AND women’s month, I just had to make (G)I-DLE our Artist of the Week.

We already know how catchy and versatile the (G)-IDLE girls are thanks to LATATA, HANN, and the recently released Señorita, but here are three of (G)-IDLE’s top b-sides*, in my humble opinion!

*B-sides are songs on an album that aren’t the title track.


What’s Your Name

The ladies of (G)I-DLE ask what’s your name in this trendy and energetic dance track. I still can’t believe we haven’t seen a live performance yet! Anyone down to start a petition for a live performance?

$$$ (DOLLAR)

$$$ immediately caught my attention because of the title, but also Soyeon’s mad rapid fire in the intro… And then I immediately got whiplash with main vocal, Miyeon’s, melodic voice changing up the pace less than a second later.

Ah… just give me a second to recover from the amount of slayage in this song.


Without a doubt, (G)I-DLE has the visuals, the vocals, can spit fire, compose and songwrite, but did you know they can also serve ballads?

A switch from their usual energetic hits, (G)I-DLE’s vocal line fully masters the emotional delivery of the lyrics in “HEAR ME”. Soojin and Yuqi’s unique vocal colors really shine in this piece as well.


So TasteMakers, which one of (G)I-DLE’s b-sides have been on repeat for you lately? What are your thoughts on their latest comeback?

Make now to bring (G)I-DLE to your city.

Stream (G)I-DLE’s latest release, Señorita:

ATEEZ - The Expedition Tour in USA : Queue number generation

ATEEZ - The Expedition Tour in USA : Queue number generation

ATINY in the US!😉

We are only weeks away from ATEEZ- The expedition Tour in the USA. 🎉

We wanted to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable concert experience for all ATINYs coming to the show.

To do so, we will be providing a queue generation service for ATEEZ US tour concert goers in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and New York.

Here are what you need to keep in mind in order to get your queuing number.