Sunday Jazz with Kamasi Washington

Sunday Jazz with Kamasi Washington

Hey TasteMakers! 👋

It’s our favorite day of the week (after Friday, of course), and nothing sets the mood for a lazy Sunday like some wholesome jazz music! We have the perfect offering for your Sunday soundtrack: our Artist of the Week, Kamasi Washington.


Kamasi Washington first picked up the saxophone when he was 13 years old, and has been making waves in the jazz music scene ever since. The Los Angeles-based artist is now a celebrated tenor saxophonist, composer and band leader that has been described as one of the most exciting new figures in jazz. His music has been lauded for delving into and incorporating a stunning mix of diverse genres including funk, soul, hip-hop and electronic music.

Washington has also worked with a slew of industry legends such as Lauryn Hill, Herbie Hancock, John Legend, Nas, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar, boasting some amazing collaborations in his name. Did you know that Kamasi Washington was the mastermind who helped craft Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed album, To Pimp A Butterfly?

Washington’s latest album, Heaven and Earth, is like that perfect cup of coffee on a Sunday morning - rich, bold, and full of flavor; it’s undoubtedly the perfect soundtrack to jazz up your Sunday.

Here are three of our essential Sunday jazz picks from the album:

1. Street Fighter Mas

“Street Fighter Mas” is as much a treat for our eyes as it is for our ears. The intriguing music video follows Washington as he prepares himself to take on fellow video game players in a grand showdown. The sultry sound of the sax and dramatic vocals make for a most charismatic piece which will have you feeling like you’re in a Tarantino movie. Play “Street Fighter Mas” as you’re getting ready in the morning - we guarantee it will have you geared up to face the day.

Check out Washington’s live performance of “Street Fighter Mas” at Glastonbury 2019:

2. Hub Tones

“Hub-Tones” is a cover of legendary jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard’s 1963 tune of the same name. For this unique, jazz-fusion piece, Washington claims: “I was trying to connect to my ancestors by connecting African rhythms with a Freddie Hubbard tune which gave me that connection in a different way.” We’re in love with the hypnotizing music video which is a beautiful accompaniment to the rhythmic, trance-like piece itself. This vivacious track is great to listen to as you go about your day.

You can listen to the original Freddie Hubbard piece here:

3. The Space Travelers Lullaby

At the end of the day, it’s time to kick back with “The Space Travelers Lullaby”. This whimsical and grandiose tune encapsulates everything we love about Washington and how his music is pushing jazz forward. Listening to this ethereal instrumental piece feels like we have the ability to stop time, fly up into the galaxy and float along in space - it’s all we need to ensure we’re relaxed and in top shape to start the new week afresh. Listen to the stunning live rendition of the full piece below 👇👇👇

What’s your Sunday jazz pick, TasteMakers? Be sure to MAKE for this jazz sensation to see him live in your city!

📢 Kamasi Washington fans in Manila!

🔻 Click below for more information about his upcoming show🔻

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Crazy For Yaeji

Crazy For Yaeji

Our Artist of the Week is Yaeji, a Korean-American producer, vocalist and DJ based in Brooklyn, New York.

Since the release of her first original production in 2016, Kathy Yaeji Lee has quickly cemented her status as the It Girl of underground electronic music. Her mellow, almost ethereal vocals and her fresh lo-fi beats have ensured that she’s already one of the most talked-about producers on the scene. If you’re looking for some new, unique vibes for your playlist, look no further than the sounds of Yaeji.


Yaeji has the midas touch - everything she touches turns to electronic music gold. She’s transformed bangers such as Drake’s “Passionfruit”, Charli XCX’s “Focus” and Mall Grab’s “Guap” with remixes and covers that have since gone viral. We’re also looking forward to her collaboration with Charli XCX, which will be featured in Charli XCX’s new album Charli set to be released next month.

We’re infatuated with Yaeji’s music because it’s so wonderfully versatile. Are you feeling cheery or a little down? Are you currently itching to dance, or do you want to curl up in bed and daydream to some lowkey beats? Yaeji’s music ticks any and all of your boxes - her smooth bops are equally appropriate for all moods, seasons and energies.

Here are our top 5 signature Yaeji tracks:

1. One More

““One More” is about enduring and coming to terms with pain until you have the strength to forgive and move on.” - Yaeji

Yaeji’s most recent single is a sleek and understated track featuring her signature hazy vocals. Though her voice remains soft throughout the song, she expresses her anguish through punchy lyrics in both English and Korean, such as “so I can fall and hurt and learn but you don’t need to change a thing, that's how it is”. We can’t help but listen to this crisp, moody tune “One More” time, over and over again.

2. Drink I’m Sippin On

Blending intricate elements of house and hip-hop music is something Yaeji does well, and “Drink I’m Sippin On” is a great example of this. We love how she regularly incorporates lyrics in both English and Korean within her songs, subtly transitioning between the two languages with her distinctly breathy vocals. Watch Yaeji explain the meaning behind this catchy tune in-depth below 👇

3. New York 93

The title of “New York 93” references Yaeji’s hometown and the year she was born. There’s a sentimental vibe given off by this track as Yaeji croons about the memories she can’t seem to recall - “My memories / There are almost none / I don’t recall living in this city”. The trance-like beat and her soft, sultry vocals make for an alluring track that is, as it always is with Yaeji, a pleasure to listen to.

4. Raingurl

“Raingurl” is the song that catapulted Yaeji’s musical career, and it’s a universal banger. It’s essentially a track about partying and having fun, but with an introspective twist. Yaeji raps lyrics such as “가만히 서있던 자리 (Standing still in the same place) / Nobody can really find me / 창문없는 방이 작지 (The room without windows is confining) / But ‘when I am set free’ defines me”, weaving between Korean and English seamlessly while perfectly encapsulating the isolation one can feel even within a crowd. This celestial, bass-heavy bop is both a blessing and a curse - once you hear it, it will be stuck in your head for eternity.

5. Noonside

This dreamy tune is the first track of Yaeji’s debut EP Yaeji, and is a great introduction to her unique sound. There’s a certain warmth to the beat that verges on hypnotic when paired with her soft vocal murmurings. The music video, which was directed by Yaeji herself (we love a visual artist!), features shots of Yaeji cheerfully exploring Seoul interlaced with various shots of New York City. There’s something magically comforting about “Noonside” as Yaeji waxes nostalgia about her cultural relationship with both cities.

What’s your essential Yaeji track, TasteMakers? Be sure to MAKE for Yaeji now to see her in your city ✨

🔽 Yaeji makes a track in 10 minutes

🔽 Yaeji’s Boiler Room DJ set

August Comebacks To Quench Your Thirst

August Comebacks To Quench Your Thirst

Welcome to August, TasteMakers! Can you believe we’re in our last month of summer already? We know this scorching weather must be taking its toll on you, but hang in there! We have an abundance of exciting debuts and comebacks to get you through this heatwave.

Let’s take a peak at what this month has in store for us:



August started off with a bang thanks to the debut of D1CE (formerly known as HNB). The label-mates of Dreamcatcher finally released their highly anticipated debut album Wake Up: Roll the World on August 1.

For those who haven’t checked out their latest music video for “Wake Up” yet, make sure you watch it below!



She’s back! 🙌 Our resident Queen of Pop presented us with her new single “Magnetic Moon” on August 2. Be sure to watch the stunning music video, which is brimming with dreamy retro vibes.



SEVENTEEN have recently returned with their new single HIT and really, the song title speaks for itself. We’re living for the addictive beat and powerful performance - don’t forget to MAKE for SEVENTEEN to bring them to your city!


Oh My Girl had us excited for some major summer bops with the teasers they released last month, and they didn’t disappoint! We’re already about to “Fall In Love” with the release of their summer package album. Listen to “BUNGEE (Fall In Love)” here 👇



You may have seen JBJ95 members Kenta Takada and Kim Sang-gyun on season 2 of Mnet’s Produce 101. The talented duo debuted in late 2018 with Home, and are making their comeback with the release of their mini album Spark.


Check out their summery highlight medley for Spark here:



The boys of IN2IT, who all appeared on survival show Boys24, are finally coming back after their last release “Sorry For My English” in July of 2018.

Be sure to check out “Run Away” when it drops at 6PM KST tomorrow (August 7)!


Weki Meki

Weki Meki is back! Their repackaged album WEEK END LOL will be released online on August 8 at 6 PM KST and offline on August 14. Check out the teaser schedule below!




Our favorite R&B/hip-hop crew are also set to make a comeback soon. The crew consists of Zico, Crush, Dean, Penomeco, Milic and Stay Tuned (R&B legends! Hip-hop heavyweights!! Producer masterminds!!!) and their single album “Y” will be released on August 9 at 6 PM KST, just in time for their “Y” concert in Seoul on August 10 and 11.


The Rose


Black Roses have much to look forward to as The Rose will be releasing their new single Red ahead of their world tour. Be sure to pre-order the album on MyMusicTaste here and grab your tickets for the We Rose You Live in USA tour here.


If you haven’t done so yet, MAKE for The Rose to see them in your city!



The OG Queens of K-pop are returning for their long overdue comeback later this month. They will be releasing an album comprised of their most beloved hits to celebrate their 21st anniversary, including hits such as “Eternal Love”, “To My Boyfriend” and “Blue Rain”. Pinky, rejoice!



Stay tuned for Kwon Hyun Bin, who will make his debut on August 19 under his new stage name VIINI. The YGX model, actor and rapper is set to make his solo debut with the release of his first mini album Dimension.




We’re excited for the debut of X1, a boy group formed of the top 11 contestants of Produce X 101. X1 will be debuting with the their mini-album on August 27, and will also be holding their first showcase performance on the same day.



Sunmi | Jessi | UP10TION | LOONA | Celeb Five


*This comeback list is not inclusive of all August comebacks and debuts. All images, gifs and videos are copyright to their respective owners.

Woosung For Your Summertime Blues

Woosung For Your Summertime Blues

Happy August, TasteMakers!

Our Artist of the Week is none other than the leader, main vocalist and guitarist of The Rose, Kim Woosung. The recent release of his solo debut mini-album WOLF has given us much to look forward to as we try to ride out the increasingly sweltering summer nights.


The multi-talented musician participated in producing, composing music, writing lyrics and creating the concepts for his first mini-album, which showcases his soulful charms and versatile musical abilities. The diverse sounds of WOLF are a perfect accompaniment for all our summer highs and lows.

Introducing the tracks of WOLF:


This vibrant title track features a strong, funky beat that goes hand in hand with Woosung’s mesmerizingly wispy vocals. The colorful music video also celebrates beauty and diversity outside of conservative Korean beauty standards, featuring queens such as plus-size model Bang Wu-ri and drag queen Nana Youngroung Kim. We can’t help but sing along as he belts out ”I like your FACE!” in the husky voice we’ve all come to love. We like YOUR face, Woosung 😏


Under the blooming moon / Holding your hand / We can take it slow if you want / No

Intense, fierce, and dangerous - “WOLF” serves up a whole other vibe from the cheeky and playful mood set by “FACE”. The dark, brooding acoustics and the piercing howl of the wolf gives us goosebumps and makes the hair on our neck stand on edge in the best way possible.


Featuring aggressively honest lyrics that are almost jarring against the soft guitar melody, “MOON” portrays one’s descent into anger brought on by hurt and heartbreak. Woosung’s rich voice beautifully conveys the angst and longing within this raw piece.

외로워 (Lonely)

“Why am I so lonely these days? / The only thing that has changed is the weather / I want to lean on people too / But I have no one to contact”

This heartbreaking ballad is an anthem for those lonely summer nights. “Lonely” gives us a glimpse of the more vulnerable side to Woosung, painting a perfect picture of what loneliness looks like through wistful and relatable lyrics. We’re already envisioning playing this on a rainy summer’s day to alleviate our summertime blues. Check out the amazing live rendition below:

What was your favorite track on the album, TasteMakers? We can’t wait to see what Woosung will bring us next!

👇 Make Woosung now to bring him to your city! 👇

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Your Baekhyun "City Lights" Essentials

Your Baekhyun "City Lights" Essentials

Our Artist of the Week is EXO’s Baekhyun, who made his long-awaited solo debut earlier this month. We were pleasantly surprised by the genre-bending tracks, Baekhyun’s vocal mastery, and the mature color in “City Lights.”

Check out our Top 3 tracks from “City Lights” and be sure to share some of your favorites as well!

  1. UN Village

If we’re being completely honest… this was a sound we did not expect from a Baekhyun solo debut. Purely based off his previous OSTs and singles, we expected a brighter and more energetic song. But Baekhyun not only showed off his sensual charms this time but rocked it as well.

“Hannam-dong UN Village hill, looking at the moon from this hill, You and Me. UN Village Hill, side by side looking at the moon, you and me, relax and chillin”

The entire song is a (not so) subtle flex as Baekhyun sings about bringing his girl up to one of the most expensive and highly-coveted pieces of real estate in Seoul: UN Village in the luxurious Hannam-dong neighborhood. You go, Baekhyun!

2. Diamond

“Diamond” had a special place in our heart the first 0:20 seconds of our listen; it quite literally shined bright like a diamond.

This is the perfect song to play during a late-night summer car ride through the city… or shall we say through the “City Lights?” 😜

3. Stay Up

Baekhyun and Beezino! Urgh, this is heaven in our ears. We never thought we’d hear a “I need a Cha Cha beat, boy” DJ signature sound at the beginning of a SM song, but this only proves what a genre-bending and label-bending album “City Lights” is.


We had such a difficult time narrowing our top 3 list down because honestly this entire album is filled with bop after bop. We know we missed out on some other amazing hits.

So, EXO-L TasteMakers, share with us some of your favorite b-sides and don’t forget to bring Baekhyun to your city!


Check out Baekhyun’s UN Village Vlog 🔻

Witness Baekhyun’s live vocals + stage presence 🔻

All images, gifs and videos are copyright to their respective owners.

Artist to Watch: Kassy

Artist to Watch: Kassy

Our Artist of the Week is also our Artist to Watch: K-RnB singer, Kassy, is a talented female soloist who originally started her career as a rapper but demonstrated her mastery of numerous genres throughout the years. Some of our TasteMakers may have previously seen her on Unpretty Rapstars 3.

Today, we’re here to reintroduce her expressive and sweet voice to you; so get ready to be reacquainted with one of the artists who’s been killing the domestic digital charts lately, and who we’re calling the next leader of K-ballads. Here are our…

Top 3 Kassy Tracks:

  1. The day was beautiful

“The day was beautiful” is Kassy’s best commercial hit (so far— we foresee many more chart-toppers in the future from this young lady). Though the single was released back in December of 2018, at the time this article was published, “The day was beautiful” was steadily maintaining its rightful place within the top 20 ranking on many domestic charts— a huge feat considering the number of big name KPOP idol comebacks and OSTs that were released in the past seven months.

Honestly though… we’re not surprised by the long-lasting success of this track as we were pretty addicted after our first listen as well.

We were instantaneously struck by the warm vocal timbre of Kassy’s voice and how effectively she delivers the poignant message of “The day was beautiful”:

“Like a warm spring day, It was beautiful back then. When I cried because I was so happy, it was beautiful back then. Only after breaking up, I came to realize…

how beautiful it was. how beautiful we were. How beautiful it was back then.”

We could write an entire essay about why we love and treasure this song so much, but we’ll save that for a rainy day.

We can only hope you find much comfort in “The day was beautiful” as we did.

2. 침대 위에서 (In My Bed)

Her debut song. We had to include “In My Bed” in this list because we wanted to illustrate how versatile Kassy’s voice can be. We hear a lot of As Time Goes By-era Yoon Mi Rae in this song.

Oh, oh, OH! And you can finally hear a short bit of Kassy’s rapping prowess in the second verse as well.

Speaking of the legendary and lovely Yoon Mi Rae… Bless your ears with some Yoon Mi Rae x Kassy🔻

3. 별똥별 (See you in heaven)

In “See you in heaven,” Kassy’s sweet voice perfectly blends with Basick’s sharp and hard-hitting rap flow.

This is a song where the melody itself is pretty bright, but when you take a closer look at the lyrics, it paints a pretty sentimental and somber picture.

Kassy sings, “See you in heaven. I miss you” for the chorus and Basick’s verses fill in the details: “Now you’re gone without a trace, I have nothing without you. I’ll be where you are. Up in the sky, right next to the star.”

“See you in heaven” is a track that’ll simultaneously hit you right in the feels but also give you some hope for when you need a silver lining in your life.

Are you ready to hear Kassy’s angelic voice live?

Be one of the first ones to rediscover Kassy and bring her to your city


BONUS! We couldn’t stop at three songs… Here are two more of our best Kassy picks:

“True Song”🔻

“Listen to this song”🔻

(No forreal, go listen to this song! 😜)

🔻Watch Kassy’s captivating live performances🔻

Can’t get enough Kassy? Well you’re not alone…

Listen to all her soul-purifying pop, ballad, kpop covers at her SoundCloud🔻

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A Pentagon Song For Each Hogwarts House

A Pentagon Song For Each Hogwarts House

Dear TasteMakers,

For our Artist of the Week this time around, we decided to combine two of our favorite things: the magical, mystical wizarding world of Harry Potter and Pentagon’s high-quality discography. A new and unexpected meeting of our all-things-Hogwarts-related knowledge and one of KPOP’s most underrated gems.

Here are some of Pentagon’s songs paired up with

their respective Hogwarts house moods.



bravery, nerve, chivalry

Think about Gryffindors right before a Quidditch match… They’d probably listen to something like “Just do it yo!” to pump themselves up before a really important game or round up after a sore loss.

“What’s the point of saying what’s obvious? What’s the Point of asking what’s obvious? That’s how I feel.”

…Something we reeeeally wanted to say to pre-Deathly Hallows Ron and Hermione*!

*(Deathly Hallows is when Ron and Hermione finally made all the Romione shippers out there happy and got together.)

We think Pentagon’s “Critical Beauty” is the perfect soundtrack to describe what a Gryffindor in love would be like (Ron -> Hermione, Harry -> Cho Chang… were all the Gryffindors in love this obvious? 😜)



Caring, Hardworking, Loyal

source (1).gif

We’d be remiss if we didn’t say that “Shine” is a total Hufflepuff mood.

At first, we were sure this was a Gryffindor song but by the time we got to the 0:46 mark— the completely softie and somewhat self-deprecating chorus, we were convinced that “Shine” falls under the Hufflepuff house:

“I don’t have courage, I’m sorry. Laugh at me as much as you like. Yes, I am a loser, loser who loves you. Yes, I’m a fool, fool.”

To all the Hufflepuffs in our lives, we say this with nothing but love!


Inquisitive, Clever, Witty

“Even IF the rainstorm comes, I’ll keep on running. Like this.

My dream, I won’t stop. I’m divinG”

We feel like there’s always been a very thin line between the traits that divide the House of Slytherin and House of Ravenclaw— these two houses have a lot more in common with just a few contrasting, dominant characteristics that make Slytherins, Slytherins and Ravenclaws, Ravenclaws.

Although “Like This” might sound more Slytherin than Ravenclaw, have no doubts about it— “Like This” is an anthem for all the determined Cho Changs out there.


Those of Great Ambition


With its slightly aggressive and threatening “I can’t miss you. You make my heart beat and make me beat my chest. Like a gorilla, like a gorilla” intimidation, if “Gorilla” isn’t a Slytherin mood, we really don’t know what is.

Hm, well maybe the Hip Hop Unit’s “Lost Paradise” is a close second…


What’d you think, TasteMakers? Did we sort some of your favorite Pentagon tracks into the right Hogwarts Houses? 🔮

If you were the Sorting Hat, what House would you have sorted these tracks into? Let us know and don’t forget to…

📣 Get the details on Pentagon’s upcoming



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To (All) The Boyz We've Loved Before

To (All) The Boyz We've Loved Before

We tried something different this time around. Are you perhaps interested in seeing what stereotype The Boyz would’ve been in high school? Were they perhaps The Boyz you loved?

Without further ado, here are

the 12 members. the 12 boys we love.

And the 5 types of boys we’ve loved them as.


The Summer Romance Guy

The Boyz in “KeePer” are the summer romance-type of boys.

With the summer well underway, do you have any plans to head to that Pinterest-worthy resort getaway? Watch out, you might discover a wild New on the beach serenading you with a sweet “Things that hurt you, people who hit your nerve. I’ll protect you by hovering around you to remove them” confession.

The Boys Next Door

AKA Your First Love

The Boyz in “Bloom Bloom” and “I’m Your Boy” are arguably your Peter Kavinskys.

They’re your best friends. The approachable guys. But, you know, maybe not too approachable cause after all, holy (unreal) visuals!

These boys are the ones who’ll be there for you through all the ups and downs of high school and life. With their clean, and straight-A images, we’re pretty convinced that The(se) Boyz could’ve been our first loves in another lifetime.

Stereotypical Bad Boy


The bad boys. You know it’s a bad idea to fall deeply for them. You know you’re supposed to stay away but they’re just way too irresistible.

The “No Air” Boyz may have that bad boy facade, but when they croon, ”You’re letting me breathe. You’re making everything bright. I believe, wherever you are. You’re the only sun to me” how are you supposed to stay away?

“You can’t avoid me. The moment we meet eyes. You know it all. Don’t pretend you don’t know. Your smile talks to me. I should come to you, and learn about you.”

You probably didn’t expect “Right Here” to be under this category. But, don’t be fooled, The Boyz are homme fatale in this otherwise bright and energetic dance number. Although they may look sweet, they’ve got you exactly where they want you to be… “Right Here.”

The Guys You’d See on Glee

AKA the Singing Athletes

We’re treading on very unrealistic territory right now— I mean, how many preppy athletes do you/did you know in high school that could sing and dance as flawlessly as The Boyz?

If we had to characterize The Boyz in “Giddy Up” as our high school stock characters, we’d have to say they’re very Glee club/High School Musical-like. Very Troy Bolton and Finn Hudson.

The Old Soul

Sentimental, sensitive, artistic

The “Walkin’ In Time” Boyz are old souls. They’re also sensitive and reflective.

They’re probably one of those really mysterious guys that sit next to the fourth window at the corner of the classroom and barely talk to anyone, come in five minutes before the bell rings, but ace pretty much every quiz/test thrown their way. They’re often found scrabbling lyrics or doodling in their notebook while the autumn leaves breeze by.


What do you think, The Bs? Did we get your favorites categorized in the right persona?

Which music video would you like to have seen included or recategorized under?

The Boyz would like to come to your city! If you’d like to see them…

Can’t Get Enough of The Boyz? Check out their skits 🔻

Curious about The Boyz in their natural habitat?

AKA Chaotic Boyz? 🔻

All images, gifs and videos are copyright to their respective owners.

Disclaimer: The author had a little too much fun writing this post and these high-school stereotypes are all collected from her “extensive” knowledge of awkward high school/tween dramas/movies. In no way whatsoever does she hope to perpetuate the high school stereotype or class individuals into a certain mold.

A Heatwave of July Comebacks

A Heatwave of July Comebacks

Welcome to July, TasteMakers!

gfriend sunny summer gif.gif

We’ve finally hit the hottest month of the year with sweltering heatwaves, and to add to the already blazing weather, we’ve got some of the hottest KPOP names returning to heat up our summer.

In all honesty, we don’t handle hot weather well so we’re glad we’ll be getting a lot of bombtastic bangers to keep us sated (and indoors) this month.

Check out the calescent July comeback lineup:

July 1


GFRIEND has consistently been producing hit after hit and they once again lived up to their digital monster-status with their recent “Fever” comeback.

It seems GFRIEND tried out a maturer style and sound this time; a departure from their bubbly and anime-esque signature brand while maintaining their uniquely GFRIEND flair. In the past, this has proven to be somewhat of a risky conversion for girl groups in the KPOP industry, but we’re convinced that GFRIEND slayed this oftentimes perilous girl group transition.

We might be just a liiiiittle biased, but GFRIEND is one of those girl groups that look and sound so much better (than they already do) IRL. Don’t miss your chance to see them live…

Get your tickets to see these summer fairies! 👇


This one is a bit of a bittersweet comeback as it’s not quite a comeback but more of a farewell (for now).

EXO member and rising actor, D.O., enlisted in the military on July 2nd with his fellow members coming together to send him off.

In addition to a powerful performance on domestic music charts, D.O.’s “That’s Okay” also topped numerous iTunes charts around the world.

We hope D.O. has a safe service and are already counting down the months till we see him again!


July 2


Arguably one of the most talented and powerful KPOP divas, Ailee also made her grand return on July 2nd with her studio album, butterFLY, and title song, “Room Shaker.”

Let us tell you— this was not quite the concept nor sound we expected from Ailee, but damn were we blown away by her versatility and mature new sound. “Room Shaker” is catchy AF and the perfect song to play while you’re getting ready for a hot summer night out.

Jay Park

The one and only Mr. CEO, Park Jaebum, aka Jay Park, released another mini-album earlier this week with “Nothing Matters.”

This was a very quick comeback after his recent The Road Less Taken album dropped last month, but it’s still a welcomed one— after all, you can never have too much Jay @parkitrighthere in your life…are we right or are we right? 🙃

Jay Park will have a very busy second half of 2019 as he’ll be embarking on his SEXY 4EVA world tour. If you wanna see Jay Park flexin’ IRL…

Get your…. 🎟🎟🔻


July 7



Heize will be releasing “We Don’t Talk Together'“ on the 7th.

“We Don’t Talk Together” is produced by BTS’ Suga who previously demonstrated his midas-touch producing abilities through his collaborations with KPOP legends and female soloists (Suran, Lee Sora, and EPIK HIGH).

Our money’s on this collab sweeping domestic music charts for at least a good few weeks before becoming a verified digital monster. Come back on June 7th to see if our prediction came true!

July 10

EXO Baekhyun

(Solo debut)


Okay EXO-Ls, Baekhyun’s solo debut is quickly approaching. Are you ready?

We’ve already been blessed with his smooth and refined vocals a few times in the past thanks to his drama OSTs and SMSTATION singles, but now that we’re getting an official debut, we’re half dying of happiness and half dreading it… dreading it because we already know we’re going to be slayed by his vocals and visuals…

Just this brief 46-second teaser was enough to make us collectively throw our wigs and hearts to the ground in despair… Baekhyun… what are you doing to us?

July 15


Mark your calendars (and grab your wallets) for a summer DAY6 comeback— July 15 is when “The Book of Us: Gravity” will be released at 6pm KST.

We have a DAY6 fan in our office and we know she’s been awaiting this comeback for a while now. Musically, we don’t know too much about the upcoming comeback just yet, but we do know that the talented Young K participated in the songwriting processes for all six songs. We also know that DAY6 very rarely (read: never) leaves us disappointed with their music.


DAY6 will also be staying busy the second half of 2019 and well into 2020 as they’ll be meeting many of their international fans through their GRAVITY world tour.



The swoonworthy, and trendsetting KNK men will be making their fashionable return on the 15th as well.

KNK Week will begin on the 6th and conclude with the grand finale music video release on the 15th. “KNK S/S Collection” is the name of the game and we’re stoked to see what these model-like men will rock this time around.


Also, EU Tinkerbells, keep an eye on MyMusicTaste’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) for more information on KNK’s upcoming Sunrise Tour in Europe!

July 22


Chanyeol x Sehun (Subunit debut)

July is going to be every EXO-L’s dream as we’ll be staying extremely well-fed with never-ending EXO content.

EXO members Chanyeol and Sehun will be making their sub-unit debut as EXO-SC. This won’t be Chanyeol and Sehun’s first time showing off their flaming bromance and chemistry. They previously released a duet, “We Young,” as a SMSTATION single.

If we had to pitch some guesses, we feel like their music and style will be upbeat and bright. Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko shared a teaser of himself in the studio with Sehun and Chaneyol a few days ago so it’ll also be safe to assume that there will be some sort of hip-hop element to their debut.

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Artist to Watch: Maddox

Artist to Watch: Maddox


You heard it here first, but we think Maddox is the next potential K-R&B crooner who’ll be snatching hearts (and wigs) worldwide.

Our TasteMakers are probably already very familiar with Maddox’s labelmates— power rookies, ATEEZ, and our Artist of the Week alumni, Babylon— but today we’ll be talking about this gem of a R&B singer we’ve recently discovered and cannot get enough of.

Maddox will be a special guest on ATEEZ’s upcoming Australia tour. So before you attend the concert, check out our Top 3 Maddox songs you should take a listen to…and thank us later 🙃

1. But Maybe

“But Maybe” we fell too deeply in love with Maddox the first 7 seconds of the song and cannot find the escape.

Maddox croons, “I want to be your sleeping pill. Don’t wanna keep you all up tonight. I want to be your wake up pill, I’ll keep your morning ever so bright” in this chill, late-night ride type of song.

2. Easy (Mac Ayres Cover)

“Easy” was the first Maddox song we heard and were instantly hooked by his sweet voice. We’re also living for the cute, uwu interaction between Maddox and his talented pianist at 4:27. We could write an entire essay about this video but we’ll let you take a listen for yourself.

3. Engine

Maddox sings entirely in English and something about his delicate vocal color and register reminds us of the likes of Frank Ocean— someone Maddox has cited as one of his musical influences.


Aussie ATINY will be in for a huge treat when they hear Maddox live!

If you also want to hear Maddox in your city, show this button some love.


And if you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your tickets to see ATEEZ and Maddox in Australia!


Watch Maddox’s Debut Interview 🔻

Thought his voice sounded familiar?

You probably heard it here… 🔻

Can’t get enough of Maddox? Bless your ears with his official Soundcloud channel 🔻